Friday, February 27, 2009

Black and white -

Panda is a cute girl.  

She loves her toys - feathers, do you have feathers at your house?  Panda requests lots of toys with feathers - you'll need to replace the feathers!

She loves her laps - do you have a lap that needs something warm in it?  Panda will watch whatever you want to watch on tv or snooze with you when you take a nap on the couch.  

She loves her catnip - do you have a steady supply?  Maybe you could grow some in the yard and dry it for over the winter?  Fresh, dry - it's the best.  

She loves her food - and, yes, you will need to measure how much she gets.  Canned food is a special love and she waits by her dish thinking you will n-e-v-e-r remember.  But, you will, of course.  

She loves her wood scratching post - no couch or chair scratching as long as she has her wood post.  

She loves her paws clean and everything tidy in the litterbox - a tall sided, probably covered litterbox is ideal.  She likes to scrub and scrub at the sides to make sure everything is covered and there is no litter on her feet.  

She'd love a home of her own - do you or someone you know need a charming girl like Panda? 

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