Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not ready to relax?

If Teddy seems too quiet a boy for you - how about A.J.?  

This fellow has busy written all over him.  He may be part dog.  He loves people.  He wants to go wherever you go in the house and he'll drag along a toy in case you have a moment to stop and play with him!   He's good with the elementary age child in the foster home too.  He'd do ok with another cat or a busy or quiet dog.  

If you call his name he comes - what will we do now?  

I'm ready to play?  

Are you???  

Do you need someone to pet?  

Here I am!  

He is able to go snuggle into a soft bed and take a nap in the sun when you need to do things that don't involve him.  

A.J. and Teddy have personalities that are nothing alike and each looks for a home that will provide lots of activity for one and some quieter, more relaxed playtimes for the other.  

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