Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today Ian and Tamari run and play games of chase together most of the time.  Both of these young boys have boundless energy and you would never lack for amusing things happening with them around.  They love toys they can play with together, on their own, with you and also enjoy people snuggles too!  They are curious and clever fellows who would love to be adopted together. Each one has not been able to stay with the first families who decided to have them in their homes.  Each has now found a wonderful new friend to live with and we hope that someone will want two exciting fellows to enjoy for many years.  

In early 2008 another cat came to be fostered in Tamari's foster home.  His name was Ian.  He was a bold fellow and Tamari didn't think he liked him very well!  Ian wanted to play with Tamari's toys!  He slept in Tamari's very special bed on top of the radiator!  The other two cats in the foster home knew that that bed belonged to Tamari but Ian thought it looked like a wonderful place to sleep too.  Gentle Ian finally convinced Tamari that they both could sleep and play together.  

Tamari came to Pet Haven in the summer of 2007 with another kitten to look for a new home.  He was a rescue from the Red Lake Indian Reservation.  Tamari's foster family found he loves to play, needs another cat buddy and could be dressed in baby doll clothes and taken for a ride in the doll buggy (inside, of course).  Tamari has boundless energy and curiosity and found one of the foster home's cats to be a good playmate.  They ran and chased throughout the day.  

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Katie and her kittens

Katie and her four kittens, all black, came from northern MN where a house full of cats were having babies and more babies. In the photo are 2 of the 4. Each weigh around 12 oz. And here's an update from Eldora, foster mom: "Mom is doing all the work, however, she does keep me busy filling her food bowl. She is eating for 5. After I took the pix, one kitten followed me from the kitchen to the bathroom. She must have been trucking with her short little legs. Part of her walk was on tile, the rest was easy as it is carpet. I was so surprised to see a little black fuzzy ball on the floor. She asked me what I was doing, just like all children." Email for more info on the kitties!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Margaret - Orphaned kitty

Margaret is an orphan kitten who was found 'up north.' Her mom was found dead. She is 4-5 weeks old and is a little sad right now as her foster brother Owen (black and white kitty) just got adopted. Of course, she's happy for him! Margaret is just learning to eat on her own and won't be up for adoption for about a month. She's a little mite, weighing in at about a pound, but her coordination says she is over a month in age.

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