Friday, January 29, 2010

A grand and glorious month

Pet Haven cats would like to thank all of the adopters, volunteers, donors, vet clinics and support services who help us day after day, week after week, month after month. We couldn't do it with you!

January 2010 has begun the year on a very high note. We have placed 21 cats this month!

Nick and Gerry and others have been with us for over a year. A few came in very frightened of people and have made a successful transition to living in a house and loving their families.

8 of these cats were young kittens from 2 different litters. We don't often have kittens at this time of the year so we might have expected to place them but it was still a wonderful event. Last summer we weren't placing kittens quickly at all.

Some went in pairs, some joined another cat or dog, some were to be only cats.

Where did they come from?

Other shelters, impound, live traps in backyards, from the voice mail line, found by a volunteer. Each was unwanted by someone and put out the door, trapped and moved into new neighborhood so someone else could cope with the problem; each treated as a throw-away, not valued by their previous owner.

Our volunteers and foster homes spend many hours, days and weeks discovering who each cat is, helping them overcome their fright or rough play and can and do tell you just what you'll be adopting if you take a particular cat home.

We salute all these cats and new owners -

What lucky felines!

What lucky owners!

And we will remember the cats who shared our lives and homes: Nick, Tempest, Storm, Jolie, Drizzle, Chinook, Leo, Madeline, Samantha, Crystal, Emmett, Charm, Trinket, Bangle and Bauble, Duke, Marcy, Black Jack, May, Gerry and Mr. Brown!

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Too old?

Recently Pet Haven cat division has taken in two senior citizen cats. They will live with a foster family until it is time for them to be euthanized because of a loss of quality of life or pain or illness that can not be helped.

Both cats came to us very thin and with significant muscle wasting.

Louie was brought to impound with frostbitten ears (he's lost the tips, one more so than the other) and his feet were very swollen from frostbite. His gait had been affected and he was unable to support himself to his full height on his rear legs. He is profoundly deaf.

Has he been outside all fall, trying to make it on his own?

Was he put outside and suffered through the bitter cold in December with no food or adequate shelter?

Was he a cat who was allowed to go outside and simply didn't come back one day or was he put outside as a way of disposing of him?

Louie isn't telling but he loves people. He's helping his foster mom at the computer and enjoying belly rubs and attention. He's fitting in with the other upper middle aged cats in the foster home although he has yet to meet the other old female who isn't too pleased to see another cat in her territory!

Amelia is reported to be over 19 yrs. of age. She was surrendered at Red Lake Rosie's and has lived in a basement for the last few years of her life. Although she has short hair, she was matted to the skin and had a shave and a bath -

a-h-h-h-h, to be able to feel someone pet you again! She also had an ear infection that is being treated.

Here's what her foster mom has to say about her:

Amelia has made herself at home in her new room and seems quite content. After two years in a basement by herself, she absolutely loves to be touched-petted, held on our laps, perrched on our hip or chest. She has quite a fan club who visit often, and she sleeps every night with her human roommate, unless she is playing her fun new game of batting at her tail during the night. She is willing to entertain occasional feline visitors too as long as they keep their distance. She has a very convincing hiss, so they tend to obey. We are so glad that Amelia is with us, comfortable after a good grooming, and enjoying her life.

What can you do when you can no longer keep your companion animal?

Put it outside and hope it dies quickly?

Some people may be able to convince themselves that that is what will happen and that the animal will go quickly and easily - unfortunately life is not given up in a speedy manner. Weeks and/or months of suffering are most often the reality.

Surrender to a rescue group or humane society. If it is euthanized, it will be done with kind people in attendance.

These two seniors are among the very lucky cats with a 2nd or third chance at warmth and human love, food and companionship.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chuck & Don's Paw Print Fundraiser

Pet Haven was selected by Chuck & Don's to be the recipient of their annual holiday Paw Prints fundraiser in 2009. We are extremely grateful to Chuck & Don's and their very generous customers for giving so much. C&D customers donated over $29,000 and C&D matched the donations raised by 25%. Last Thursday, three of Pet Haven's board members were presented with a check in the amount of $36,314!. The entire amount will go to support Pet Haven's Spay/Neuter Initiative. To learn more about Pet Haven's Spay Neuter Initiative click here. Last year Chuck & Don's also raised $34,000 in their Pins for Pets fundraiser and designated Minnesota Spay Neuter Project as the recipient of the donations.

In 2009 Pet Haven distributed approximately $30,000 in grants to other rescues and shelters (specifically for spay/neuter efforts) and individuals in need of spay/neuter assistance. The additional funds provided by Chuck & Don's will enable Pet Haven to help even more rescues/shelters and individuals.

We have a serious pet overpopulation crisis with 3 - 4 million dogs and cats being euthanized in shelters across the country. We simply cannot adopt our way out of the overpopulation problem. Chuck & Don's shares our belief that spay/neuter efforts are critical to preventing the needless suffering of animals -- we need to prevent unwanted litters.

A million thanks to Chuck & Don's for your commitment and support of the animal welfare community in Minnesota and for walking side by side with so many local rescues/shelters/organizations to be a strong voice and supporter for spay/neuter efforts.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still Celebrating Christmas

We've heard back from two other families who adopted a Pet Haven cat.

Kiina came outside in the cold to have her picture taken with the family as they were decorating.

She thought her days of shivering outside were over and was glad to find this was just a temporary chill!

Teddy received a most unique cat toy for one of his Christmas presents and loves it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another black beauty

Sirocco gave all she had to kittens over the spring, summer and, in the early fall of 2009, came to a volunteer with another group where she promptly had another litter of 4. Pet Haven took her the next day and she raised her kittens with many supplements for them and mom.

The kittens were smart and ate hard and canned kitten food early on, helping to ease mom's contribution but Sirocco still had a hard time regaining her energy.

She has recently moved into a new foster home (kittens all adopted a month ago) and is enjoying life as a cat again. She plays, she cuddles with another cat, she enjoys time spent in play or petting with her foster mom.

We don't know her past life except to say that no one was supporting her in a meaningful way or doing any vet care for her - which first off would have included a spay!

Consider this beautiful girl with copper/gold colored eyes as a companion in your home or spread the word and tell others about her wonderful personality.

Lucky mom, lucky kittens - they have a chance to be placed in a forever home and have a family that will love and appreciate them.

What happened to the others?

We'll never know.

Did one or more survive? How are they managing this winter? Will they be bred and produce another litter that will survive to breed again or die of starvation, disease and lack of care?

If you, or someone you know, picks up a cat - male or female - please take it to the vet and get it spayed or neutered asap. There are too many cats in the world and spay and neuter is the only thing that will help us resolve the problem.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Smokey Joe

This handsome fellow with tons of personality has taken up temporary residence at Chuck and Don's in Highland.

Stop by, tell you friends about him! He loves to meet new people. If you're looking for a cat who will greet your guests at the door, Smokey Joe could be the one.

Joe is not fond of other cats but thought the two medium sized dogs in the foster home were to die for - he would rub on their faces and paws. So - if you have a dog who would like to have an affectionate, playful cat as a housemate, Smokey Joe might be the guy you've been waiting for!

This fellow is definitely a people lover also - he loves belly rubs and squirms and rolls all over when you pet him and give him one.

S J is a medium sized fellow - plenty to hug and love but not too heavy to carry around!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 1-3 p.m.

Pet Haven cats will hold two adoptions which means we are in two locations during the same hours and day.

PetCo Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S and

Chuck and Don's Bloomington at 8417 Lyndale Ave. S

If you don't see what interests you at one location, you can easy travel to the other one in a short amount of time.

The youngest kittens, except for Marcy, will be at the Chuck and Don's location. There are 4, two brown tabbys and 2 black, one of the blacks is a female. Go to, click on cats available for adoption and fill out an application form and you will be at the head of the line at the adoption events.

Marcy is a little older (than the above kids) calico kitten and we think she would really like to be the queen of her home and an only cat.

She's very playful and people attentive but plays quite dominantly with another kitten or cat.

We'll see some of these cats for the first time:

Libby -

Libby was much to young to have kittens and is just a teenager now.

She loves to play! Toys, all toys, every toy. Will you play with me too???

She also loves to relax and have you talk to her and snuggle. Her foster only has pictures of her relaxing because she moves very quickly when she is up and playing and blurred pictures with just a tail in them don't show you much.

Silas is coming too - a big, black, handsome fellow who loves to give hugs and gets along well with a dog.

Duke and Denny, the handsome brothers who are medium haired black smokes - loving boys who play and romp through the house.

Bijou is a first timer also - she's a lynx point siamese cross. That means she has tabby stripes and gorgeous blue eyes. She's a sweetheart too and hopes you will love her personality, which is gentle as well as playful, as much as you do her looks. She is waiting for an appointment to repair a hernia at the incision site when she was spayed. She may come and visit and would be ready to go a week after her surgery.

And, of course, there will be many more cats there too.

Come and enjoy, consider adopting, help us make space to rescue another few.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beat the January 'blahs'!

If you are looking to add some love and joy to your home, consider one of these characters!

Charm (black female),

Bauble (black male),

Trinket and Bangle (brown tabby males) are the life of their foster homes.

One of the boys isn't much for love and kisses yet but the other 3 like a little snuggle time.

They are all rowdy and busy kids and will go in for their spay and neuter surgery (along with their mother) on Tuesday. We hope they will be at the adoption on Sunday, 1/17.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Settled in, at home at last

Amanda and Alex came as a part of a litter in the trunk of a car to a shelter. Everyone had bad upper respiratory infections. Alex, Amanda and Aster came to Pet Haven at about a year of age and still were having problems with herpes infection in their eyes. Through many months of treatment prescribed by an opthamologist and daily supplements, they gradually improved and their eyes all sparkle and shine now.

Alex ended up having to have ear surgery too to remove a portion of his inner ear where he had a polyp.

Settled at last, Alex and Amanda are thriving in their new home and this is what their owners have to say about them.

"We are so thrilled and blessed having Alex and Amanda join our family. Already it feels as though they’ve always been with us. Paul has fallen completely in love! The kitties sit on his hassock during the evening TV and cuddle with him. They are such a gift. You can tell they’ve been well loved by you. Love, Chrissy and Paul."

Aster has also been adopted and has a dog and other cats to play with.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow! What a weekend!

Nick -

Pet Haven cats placed 8 cats this weekend and we have some interest in one or two more.

Nick found a home - he's a clever boy and quite the companion and lover and has waited a long time for the right family to come along - his fosters will miss him but are also happy to have him settled.

Leo also found a home - he's a character too, very playful, lots of fun and loves a dog. His play manners are rather rude with another cat and, like Nick, he will get to be the only cat in the house. Leo's family already has a dog and Nick's family plans to get one. Lucky boys.

A litter of 4 kittens went also - some with another cat or dog in the home and 2 of them went together.

Jolie also found a home. This lucky girl has some family members who are in physical therapy and she limps because of an accident where a back leg was broken and not set at a vet clinic so her leg is shorter. They'll keep her stretched out and give her massages to keep her limber and active.

This is a stupendous start to a new year and all of these families have made a spot in their homes and hearts for a very lucky cat!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ASPCA/Subaru "Share the Love" Campaign

A few weeks ago Pet Haven received a call from the ASPCA office in New York ... as part of their "Share the Love" campaign where Subaru will donate $250 one of 5 charities, of which ASPCA is one of them. ASPCA was looking for a local rescue/shelter In Minnesota to show support and to also have the opportunity to promote their own rescues at a local Subaru dealer. Pet Haven was selected to come out to the Wayzata Subaru dealer on Saturday. To represent Pet Haven we had Ahnung and Nick. Ahnung is a Pet Haven alum ... a rescue originally from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue who then came into Pet Haven's foster program. Ahnung was fostered, then adopted by Marilou (president of Pet Haven) in January of 2009. Since then she has gone through numerous classes and is now a registered therapy dog through Delta Society. Ahnung volunteers with her mom at The Lab (a program of St. Paul Public Schools) that services EBD youth. Nick, the orange tabby, with lots of personality and charm, arrived into Pet Haven's program almost 2 years ago from a partner rescue in Spencer, Iowa. 2010 is his lucky year though as he is officially being adopted today (Sunday)! His foster mom is going to miss him terribly.

Both Ahnung and Nick did a tremendous job as ambassadors for Pet Haven and for rescued dogs and cats. We handed out lots of newsletters and helped spread the word about Pet Haven and the importance of adopting a rescued animal as well as the importance of spaying and neutering your animals.

Ahnung's favorite spot was in front of a brand new Subaru where there was a ray of sunshine coming through. She wanted to know why she didn't get to test drive a Subaru ... or even better, why she (and Nick) couldn't take one home!. I told her, maybe next time.

P.S. From Ahnung: If you're interested in reading more about my volunteer work as a therapy dog with EBD youth, check out my blog. We need more Pet Partner teams!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2 Pet Haven cat adoptions this weekend!

We have a busy weekend ahead -

Sat. Jan, 2, from 11-1 p.m. we will be at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Sun. Jan. 3, from 1-3 p.m. we will be in the same location.

Different cats, different days!

Sat. we will have:





April and May

and others.

Sunday we will have:






younger kittens

and others.

Join us - take home a loving source of entertainment and lap warmer!