Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adoption Sat., 8/1, 2 locations

Pet Haven cats will have two adoptions this Sat. from 11-1 p.m.

We will be at the Chuck and Don's in Bloomington at 8417 Lyndale Ave. S. and

at the Richfield PetCo at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Looking forward to seeing:








more orange kittens -

and others!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adoptions in July

We've had a good month finding homes for cats and kittens!

Shelby, aka Sid the Kid
Georgina and Sabrina are all in new, forever homes.

Who is left, you might ask?

Max - full of energy and lots of lovin', a playful boy who wants a playmate -

Gerry - a beauty with a big fluffy tail who is very playful and likes tummy rubs -

Koko - top birdwatcher and purr-girl -

Helen - quite the beauty who loves to be pet - -

Monkey - wait till you see that tail!

Les - a big hunk of a guy who loves to snuggle and talk -

Nick - also a giver of hugs and lap time, ok with a dog

And many others! Cats and kittens galore - they're in foster homes and we can tell you about their personalities, clever antics, how they get along with another cat and lots more., click on cats available for adoption.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 1-3 p.m.

Malia wonders if you will be coming?

Pet Haven cats will hold two adoptions during this time. We will be at:

Chuck and Don's Bloomington, 8417 Lyndale Ave. S and

PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Who will be there?

Fudge, Max, Brenda, kittens

Ira, Koko, Georgina, Nick, Gerry, Leslie (first show), kittens - and at least 9 others!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Tails -

Dear Pet Haven,

We just wanted to give you an update on two kittens, now one year old cats, we adopted in November 2008 from an adoption site at Richfield PetCo. Theo and Didi (formerly Dora) were approximately four months old when my husband, Bill, and I decided to bring them home.

I was initially dead set on adopting an older cat, but little Didi stole my husband's hear. Her loud purrrr and playfulness spoiled my plan and the next thing I knew we were signing papers.

However, it didn't end there.

As we were preparing to gather our new kitten, the foster parent of Theo approached me and introduced me to a sweet, bright eyed guy with only three legs. Being a nurse I knew I wanted this kitten.

Like Didi he was an orange tabby and the same age but they were not litter mates. With some encouragement from Pet Haven staffers we took both of them home only to realize on the first night how much Theo was not happy with his fellow adoptee. He hissed, growled, and hid under a table. That night I slept in one bedroom with Theo and my husband slept in another with Did. We got up the next morning wondering "what on earth were we thinking?". Heading to work that day I was sad to think we may have to return one if Theo didn't come around. However, these two cats figured it out on their own and two evenings after we brought them home they were both sleeping with us and now act as if they were litter mates.

One would never know Theo has only three legs, especially when he runs. He loves being held, comes when called and has his own camp chair on our porch, which he will occasionally share with Didi.

She loves to be near my husband and "hangs" with him in the home office. I can't imagine just having one of them, because they are like peas in a pod..

Thank you and all of your foster volunteers for saving lives and the caring you do, not only for our most beloved cats, but the thousands of animls needing homes. We are in earnest.

Best regards,
Kari and Bill

Theo came to Pet Haven from a farm and made his way to the cities. His foster contacted Pet Haven and asked if we could help him if she would care for him because he had a stump for one rear leg that he tried to use and it was scabby and had open wounds on it. Theo had the usual parasites and fleas which were taken care of and on his 2nd vet visit came to have the stump amputated and he was neutered at that time. No one knew whether Theo's injury was a birth defect or an injury.

Max has gone a-visiting.

Max has gone to stay at Chuck and Don's in Highland for a few days.

He's an active, curious and affectionate fellow who loves to play, wants to check out all the potential toys and loves to help around the house. He climbs the ladder to the top of the bunk bed; he knows how to open the q tip dispenser and take one out to play with - do you think he could learn to load the dishwasher?

Max would love to have another cat who would play and romp with him and then he'll play with you when you come home and have some snuggle time too. He's living with a small dog and other cats and kittens in his foster home.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Adoptions

Historically Pet Haven cats has found that July is not always a kind month for adoptions - folks are on vacation, they play softball, they are going to family reunions.

We are excited and pleased that this July has been different for us! So far this month we have placed 9 cats and kittens with 3 or 4 more recently adopted.

This is Bo, who didn't make it to the website before being adopted.

Some were seen on the website and adopted through a contact with the foster home, some seen on the blog, some seen and adopted after being seen at the Chuck and Don's in Highland, a couple of others were adopted after they found their first cat through Pet Haven and came looking for another one.

Bo, Kobe, Midge, Buster, Ty, Noddy and Shelby are all doing well in their new homes. 3 others were just recently adopted so we haven't had that long to hear back about how things are going.

This is all good news. Pet Haven had the potential for 16 kittens to be ready for adoption by the 2nd week in July. That's a lot of kittens who could be growing up in foster homes and we are excited that their owners will now get to enjoy their antics.

The other piece of good news is that we have been able to take in a few more kittens and cats because of their adoptions. The bad news is that there are still so many waiting in impound, shelters and on the street.

Just yesterday, someone called who has had a stray, neutered male cat in their neighborhood for 12 years they believe. Last winter was very hard for him. Someone needs to step forward and help this fellow - hopefully he will survive his many trips crossing streets with cars coming this summer and we or another group or person will step up and take him in. The right spot has not opened yet at Pet Haven.

Please keep spreading the word to friends, family and co-workers about how many cats need homes and that Pet Haven's foster home system has lots to recommend in the way of helping you find the personality and activity level that you and your family want.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leslie - back with Pet Haven

Some of you may remember this fellow. He came to Pet Haven with injuries and had to have a rear leg amputated. He went home but came back when he broke through the screens to chase a dog or just to explore and was having some pain episodes too.

Since then, life has settled down. His foster mom doesn't open the window far enough for him to get to the screens, for one thing. He loves to sit by the window and sniff the air, watch the bunnies, birds and chippies and he also watches the dog next door without seeming terribly ruffled up.

His pain episodes have gone away.

He's turned into quite the lap fellow.

He also enjoys a good rough-housing with another cat. Mr. Brown tolerates him quite well and is willing to even give him a kiss once the fighting is over with. Leslie would not do well with every cat but could be a much loved only boy so he wouldn't have to compete for lap time.

Because he is a burly, well-muscled boy and we want to keep as much strain off his remaining back leg, he is on a diet. It is not his favorite thing.

Les loves to talk and he will tell you he is starving! His foster thinks it would be best to give him a timed feeding bowl so it would open at set times without your help and his bag of food should be kept out of the kitchen, perhaps in a closet that isn't close to where you like to spend time so he doesn't go and scold the closet for keeping his food locked up!

Life on the street is hard. Being hit by a car or truck, having a compound fracture of a rear leg that is badly infected and not being able to drag yourself away after you urinate is not something Leslie would choose to have gone through. He's had some dental work also - to remove a tooth that was fractured. That wasn't so bad in the whole scheme of things.

He's sassy, fit and ready to find his forever home.

Hockey, anyone?

Sid the Kid Crosby as he was known in his foster home has been traded to the Detroit Redwings and renamed, Osgood (Chris). His new owners came from just north of Detroit and are Redwings fans. They'll enjoy this very energetic and playful kitten!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orange and more orange

We've had lots of orange or orange and white kittens and cats this spring. Here are some who will be ready for adoption soon. 2 girls, 3 boys.

It appears they are looking for the missing one!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chuck and Don's Highland location

Two new visitors are there if you'd like to stop in and say hello!

Mason and Mitsie are brother and sister.

Mason is the very active, playful, bigger fellow. He likes a good snuggle too.

Mitsie is a more petite version and she is a big time lap girl.

Both have slightly crossed eyes, medium length hair and are quite adorable brown tabbies with lots of white on them.

Stop by - enjoy - tell your friends who are looking for a cat or kitten!

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 adoptions, 2 locations, 2 different times

Cat Adoption weekend:

July 11, Saturday, 11-1 p.m Chuck and Don's near Lake Calhoun on W Lake St.

July 12, Sunday, 1-3 p.m PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S

There will be 9 cats or kittens at the Chuck and Don's location and 9-14 at the PetCo location.

Some attending are:

Sasha and Malia on Sunday.

Sawyer and Shelby on Saturday.

Monkey on Sunday.

Helen on Saturday.

'M' kittens - 3 in all on Sat. for sure, if not adopted, also on Sunday.

Fudge on Sunday.

Georgina and Sabrina on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Looking for a dog but don't want to do the outside-exercise thing? Perhaps Ms. Noddy could apply for the job?

Noddy loves to be with you, she'll follow you all around the house. She greets you at the door, she likes to snuggle, she loves to play, she gives kisses and licks you.

Do you like to play fetch? Noddy likes that too - on her own she will toss her mouse in the air and chase it up and down the stairs, only to do it all over again and if you want to throw it for her she'll bring it back for more fun!

Who would believe Noddy was left locked in a garage with no food or water in the middle of winter? She was rescued by neighbors two weeks after the 'owner' moved away - leaving a most precious little lady.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Meet Monkey - can you guess where she got her name? Her tail is almost always carried in that curled up position although you can run your hand down her back and her tail and it will go out straight - only to curl up again!

Monkey had a litter of 3 kittens, they are grown up now and no longer need to nurse on her and is she happy!! This week she was spayed and is ready to start looking for a new home.

Monkey is very social, she loves to chat with you, follow you around and hang out with you - playing with toys and using her scratch pad are high on her list too, and napping in a sunny spot.

Monkey gets along with one of the other cats in her foster home really well. The older kitten belonging to the foster does not like Monkey and they have been known to spat. We think she'd do fine as an only or with another one. None of the kittens inherited Monkey's cute and curvy-curly tail.