Friday, August 29, 2008


Nick's a pretty happy-go-lucky fellow.  He loves to play - need a playmate for another cat or kitten in your home?  He'd be glad to step up to the plate.  

Nick is very curious.  What's behind that door?  What are you doing in the laundry?  Is that a dishwasher?  Are the dishes clean or dirty?  

And he has a lot of love to share.  He has teen boys in his foster home and gets along well with the pug dog, the adults, the kittens - he's an all-round fellow.  Another one who is happy in his foster home and we're happy to have learned about his ways so we can find a family that will appreciate his ways but, as soon as Nick finds a home, Pet Haven will be able to offer another cat a foster home space.  

For a cat on the street or in impound, life is very short.  Help those other cats by adopting Nick or another one today and help us make a spot for the next one we can get to know and find a permanent home for.  It's an endless job, it seems - we need your help!  Adopt, donate towards spay and neuter, volunteer in other ways for Pet Haven or another group.  Only you can help the homeless cats and dogs.  Make a difference, one loved companion animal at a time.  

Waiting - wondering?

Telly was adopted as a young kitten with his brother.  This summer, they were both returned to Pet Haven.  It has been a hard adjustment for both the boys.  Moving to a new place with new smells and new people to get to know is tough on animals just as it can be for young children.  These boys didn't even have the comfort of their owner to move with them. 

Telly is a gentle fellow, he talks some, he loves to be pet and he's a great lap boy.  He'd do best in a little quieter home - no toddlers or dogs - but he'd sure love to have a lap or two to sit in.  He loves to be brushed, likes to play with you with fishing pole toys.  If you have an aunt or grandpa in your home who needs some extra TLC, Telly would be happy to lend his loving comfort.  

His brother, Snickers?  Well, to be truthful, Telly would just as soon not live with him!

Snickers has turned into a bully around other cats and, while he also has a wonderful, engaging personality, he isn't very nice with another feline!
Snickers would adjust to a gentle, respectful dog we think.  He also is curious, bolder than Telly, and likes some lap time and interactive games with you.  Like to watch sports on tv?  Snickers makes a great companion and he'd cheer on your team, always ready to be loyal to his owner.

Both boys are front declawed - both hope to find a new owner who will care for them for the rest of their life.  Telly and Snickers - waiting and wondering.  Life in a foster home isn't bad but it isn't what we hope for for the animals we rescue.   A family who can concentrate all their love on one of them would be just their cup of mouse.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dropped off on the doorstep?

Pet Haven's voicemail had a message on Saturday.  Two kittens had been dropped off on the front doorstep sometime - during the night?  early a.m.?  The teen children in the home found them and dad, who was at work, suggested putting them in a box with some towels to snuggle in since they were shivering.  When picked up Sat. evening, Baker and Widget, were very quiet, dehydrated and very thin.  Baker, the boy, is a gray tabby and has medium length hair.  His sister, Widget, is a short haired black.  They've been getting sub q fluids and are being fed or force fed 5 times a day. They're eating canned kitten and Baker doesn't eat well on his own, so his mouth is opened and a bite scraped onto the roof of his mouth.  His sister is perking up faster and is eating well when it is offered now.  Neither is drinking water yet nor have they tried the tiny pieces of dry kibble.

These kittens respond with an upright tail when you talk to them so someone handled them and talked to them.  It's sad when someone who cares about animals finds themselves in a situation that forces them to put them on a doorstep in the hopes that they might be found  and cared for.  

What happened to mom?  They're very thin.  

Was she not fed well and couldn't nourish them properly?  Maybe she was a 'mouser' and expected to provide for herself?

Were they taken from her too soon?  

Was she an inside/outside girl and was hit by a car?  

Pet Haven is unlikely to ever know their background but questions like these are worrisome. 

We need to continue our outreach and fund raising so that financial assistance can be supplied when the family wishes to keep their loved pet but can't afford to alter it.  Then there will be so many fewer 'surprise' kittens who are too young to leave mom and who won't end up outside alone.   When every humane society and rescue group sees a slowing of kittens coming into the shelters, there will be more teenage and adult cats who can find homes.  Unaltered cats and dogs lead to more and more kittens and puppies.  Too many cats and dogs, kittens and puppies are being euthanized  because there are not enough homes for them.  Please help.  

Do you know someone who needs to have their animal altered?  Put them in touch with a rescue group who can give them some guidance to a subsidized program.  Offer to help them pay for a part of the surgery at a vet clinic near them.  Help a group fund raise to accomplish these surgeries.  We all need to work together on this problem.  

Donovan - happy at home

Donovan has a new name.  He is now known as Murphy and is exploring the house, getting to know Sampson, the basset, and sleeps at the foot of the bed.  He hasn't been shy at all and follows his owners around as well as lounging in the favorite chair!  It's right next to a fountain - it's probably the soothing water sound that relaxes him.   For those of you who have a 'chubby' cat at home, it is possible to get them to lose weight. 

Donovan came to Pet Haven weighing a little over 16 pounds and lost a pound in his few months in foster care. He has an appointment to meet the owner's vet and will continue his weight loss program so he is trim like Sampson soon. They are both lucky boys.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katie's all dressed up.

Katie came to the adoption today and wore a special outfit to see if she could attract some attention.  We all thought she looked pretty fancy with her gorgeous black coat set off by a white dress with big black buttons and a polka dot sash!  Stop by on Sunday, 8/17 from 1-3 p.m. to catch a look.  She's a doll - 

PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Adoptions 8/16 and 8/17!

Pet Haven cat division will have two adoptions this weekend.  We'll be at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S both days.

Sat. 8/16, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Sun. 8/17, 1-3 p.m.

Check out the website to see cats, kittens and bios of some of the many available for adoption.

Help us find new homes for our cats by adopting, telling friends about us or volunteering and donating.  If we can place some of our present cats and kittens we can open our hearts and doors to others.  Those in overcrowded shelters with little chance of placement, those left behind when the previous owner moved and who sit at the house under a bush hoping against hope that it was a mistake and love and food will return.  Sad stories are everywhere and we need you to help us find a way to solve the problem.  

Friday, August 8, 2008

Crisis in the cat world. Help us bring about change!

Pet Haven is facing a cat crisis as are many rescues and shelters in Minnesota.  

What is Pet Haven doing to help resolve the crisis?  

We provide spay/neuter subsidies for people who can't pay the entire cost for spay/neuter of their cat.  

We have outreach programs to educate people about the cat crisis problem and about cats that are abandoned or must be euthanized because there are no homes for them.  

How many are being euthanized?  Unfortunately, about 2,000 cats, mostly teenagers and adults, are being euthanized every month in the twin cities alone.  These cats are healthy and well socialized.  These great cats are in situations that are not their fault but they need your help to get them on their way to a new life.  What are your rewards?  Affection, trust, love and the knowledge that you have made a difference in at least one cat's life.  

Pet Haven's voicemail receives messages daily from people needing a new home for their cat, from animal control who have cats who will be euthanized if they cannot go to a rescue group, from other rescue groups who cannot place all of the cats they have taken in, from people who have strays in their neighborhood and people who are overwhelmed with too many cats because their cats were not altered.  

Pet Haven has taken in several cats in the last 5 months who fit those categories.  Katie didn't even have a name in the home she was in there were so many cats.  She has been a delight since she and her 4 kittens came to us.  Katie and 3 of the kittens are still looking for homes.  

A senior citizen is looking for help since she has a leg injury and can no longer care for her daughter's cat.  Another person is newly diagnosed with a terminal illness and will soon need to part with her beloved cat.  Who will step up and adopt or foster so that Pet Haven can take in another cat?  

Pet Haven has had 3 families return 6 cats to us this summer who were adopted as kittens in  1999 or 2000.  For whatever reason, they are no longer able to care for their cats.  

How can you help us?  You can help by opening your heart to one or more of these wonderful cats.  Make a difference in the life of one cat at a time!  

You can ADOPT a cat from Pet Haven or another rescue group or shelter.  Most have regularly scheduled adoption days at local pet stores.  Go to and find out about upcoming adoption dates and make contact with a group.  

You can FOSTER a cat.  Please call or e  mail Pet Haven; 952-831-3825 or

You can DONATE money for spay/neuter to Pet Haven.  Your donations for spay/neuter will be used only for that.  Pet Haven helps individuals with the cost of spay/neuter and gives small grants to other rescue groups and shelters in MN to help them advance spay and neuter in their own communities.  

Help us spread the word about Pet Haven.  We can provide fliers, you can connect people to our cat blog and website, become a volunteer and join Pet Haven and support animals in many ways.  Call or e mail.  There's a cat who needs you help!

Maggie, out of the pound.

Maggie is an 'older' girl.  She isn't telling how old she is but the vet believes she is at least 12-14 yrs old.  She was taken to a pound when found wandering on the streets last year.  Her coat was in very poor condition, rough and scratchy and she was dirty and thin.  

A new year finds Maggie doing well.  She was taken in by a Pet Haven foster who has a fondness for the 'older' set.  Maggie's coat is shiny, she's cleaned up and she likes to play with toys and mostly tolerates the fosters in her home pretty well.  She needs to put a few of them in their place and she wants them to know who is queen of the house.  

Maggie plays with toys and just limps a little from arthritis.  She's on some medication to help with that and she's a little stiff when she gets up from a nap but a sunny spot, makes life worthwhile.  

Would you consider adopting an 'older' cat or even a middle aged one?  There are many cats who have had changes in their lives through no fault of their own who need help to find a new, loving family.  Perhaps you are at a stage in your life where you don't want a bouncy-ball kitten or  you don't want to make a 20 year commitment to a kitten that lives a full life.  Taking in an older cat who will live another 4-8 years may be just the right choice for you.  It would certainly be the right choice for the cat you would befriend!

What are you, little one?

Here's a picture of one of our new kittens, Hannah, meeting one of the BIG cats, Nick , in their foster home.  Hannah is just a little mite, weighing under 2# even though she is at least 13 weeks old.  Hannah's sisters and brothers have been adopted and she is working on putting on some weight and growing into a big girl!  

Nick thoroughly enjoys the kittens and will play with them and share toys and occasionally groom them too.  He's an all-round fellow who likes lots of family attention too.  

Monday, August 4, 2008

Spanky - home at last.

Spanky had a rough start in life.  He was rescued in a feral cat colony in the summer of 2007, even though he wasn't a feral cat.  Spanky had been handled and 'owned' by someone when he was a kitten or even older, and then abandoned or dumped to make his way in the world.  Spanky was not neutered when he was put outside to fend for himself and, consequently, spent several years fighting with other male cats over the ladies who lived in the colony.  His age has been guessed at 4-6 yrs.  

He suffered many wounds, all went untreated and he has such severe scars that he doesn't grow hair over some of those places.  He had ear mites, a not uncommon thing in a colony of cats.  

Now that he is neutered he gets along well with the other cats in his foster home.  He is mild mannered and gentle and follows his owner around, tapping her hand or arm for attention. Spanky may not win any prizes in a beauty contest but when you look at the love in his eyes, you know he has won the best prize of all - a loving and secure home for life.  

Fighting like cats and dogs? Well, hardly!

Kiki is in the same foster home with a young rat terrier dog - it would be fair to say that they get along well together.  

Kyle, Kiki's brother, is also in the same foster home and he gets along with Zelda, the dog, also. They are playful, busy kittens who love attention and petting from you too.  

Kittens - still coming

Truffles is a very pretty girl.  She was born in March, 2008, along with 5 other siblings.  She has two other gray tabby brothers, Reese and Mars and all 3 of them have medium length hair. The other siblings are BonBon, a short haired dilute torti or blue cream and two strapping brothers named Morsel and Nestle who are all black, except for small white bikinis, and have short hair.  All 6 kittens will be spayed and neutered on Aug. 7 and will be ready for adoption a day or two after that.  Their personalities vary from a little more mellow to busy and loving games of tackle and wrestle.  Morsel and Nestle are the busiest boys, one already is a lap cat and the other is starting to come for lap time.  The two girls known how beautiful they are and love to have you talk to them.   They will dance away from you and posture so you can see how lovely they are and they like to be pet and held too.  

They do not have to be adopted together but could go in pairs.  Each has been with another adult cat in their foster homes.   These and other kittens, such as Charlotte, Buster, Kelly, Kyle and Kiki are still available also.  

Helpful fosters - happy cats and adopter

These two girls came from different foster homes, just as Tika and Lefty did, and have made a successful transition to life together.  Stella is black and Sophie is the brown tabby.  Stella has turned into a lap girl - when she isn't playing - which surprised her foster mom.  Both girls are very social and love people.   

Their foster mom had these kind words to say about Pet Haven fosters: 

 "I just wanted you to know what a positive experience it has been dealing with Pet Haven.  The foster moms of Dove, now Stella, and Sophie have been so nice.  Sue and Kim brought the girls to the house, gave me some tips and ideas, watched how the girls interacted and have e mailed me to see how all is going."

Pet Haven fosters want to help you find the right cat for your family and want the cat to fit well into your home.  We can help since the cats live in our own homes and we have a good idea of how they will react in a new situation.  

Waiting no longer -

Tika and Lefty were adopted together in July.  Neither cat knew the other one but each had played well with another adult cat in their foster homes.  After a night of circling the bed grumbling at each other and a regular work day, the owner discovered they had made peace with each other and were acting as if they had always lived with her.  

Tika was known for her non-stop energy and love of toys, mischief and watching for the birds and bunnies outside.  She's also a social butterfly and loves to meet new people.

Lefty is a little more laid back although he loves to play too.  He's also more of an attention hound and has been re named, Hemi, for his non-stop, loud motor.