Friday, August 8, 2008

Maggie, out of the pound.

Maggie is an 'older' girl.  She isn't telling how old she is but the vet believes she is at least 12-14 yrs old.  She was taken to a pound when found wandering on the streets last year.  Her coat was in very poor condition, rough and scratchy and she was dirty and thin.  

A new year finds Maggie doing well.  She was taken in by a Pet Haven foster who has a fondness for the 'older' set.  Maggie's coat is shiny, she's cleaned up and she likes to play with toys and mostly tolerates the fosters in her home pretty well.  She needs to put a few of them in their place and she wants them to know who is queen of the house.  

Maggie plays with toys and just limps a little from arthritis.  She's on some medication to help with that and she's a little stiff when she gets up from a nap but a sunny spot, makes life worthwhile.  

Would you consider adopting an 'older' cat or even a middle aged one?  There are many cats who have had changes in their lives through no fault of their own who need help to find a new, loving family.  Perhaps you are at a stage in your life where you don't want a bouncy-ball kitten or  you don't want to make a 20 year commitment to a kitten that lives a full life.  Taking in an older cat who will live another 4-8 years may be just the right choice for you.  It would certainly be the right choice for the cat you would befriend!

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