Monday, August 4, 2008

Kittens - still coming

Truffles is a very pretty girl.  She was born in March, 2008, along with 5 other siblings.  She has two other gray tabby brothers, Reese and Mars and all 3 of them have medium length hair. The other siblings are BonBon, a short haired dilute torti or blue cream and two strapping brothers named Morsel and Nestle who are all black, except for small white bikinis, and have short hair.  All 6 kittens will be spayed and neutered on Aug. 7 and will be ready for adoption a day or two after that.  Their personalities vary from a little more mellow to busy and loving games of tackle and wrestle.  Morsel and Nestle are the busiest boys, one already is a lap cat and the other is starting to come for lap time.  The two girls known how beautiful they are and love to have you talk to them.   They will dance away from you and posture so you can see how lovely they are and they like to be pet and held too.  

They do not have to be adopted together but could go in pairs.  Each has been with another adult cat in their foster homes.   These and other kittens, such as Charlotte, Buster, Kelly, Kyle and Kiki are still available also.  

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