Friday, October 28, 2011

Sat. Oct. 29

Annual Fall Benefit -

No adoptions this weekend for the cat division but you can catch us at one of two next weekend, Nov. 5 and 6.

Stop by Sofitel Saturday evening, Oct. 29 from 6:30 p.m. on. It may be too late to get a delicious meal but you can browse our auction items and bid on them and stay to hear, see and learn about all the things Pet Haven works hard on during a year - with your support!

As with most things, we couldn't do it without all of you.

Volunteers have been working around the clock to bring you information on the work we do - some of us have been more relaxed about the whole situation and are just waiting until we are old enough to be adopted!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kittens and more

You've met Maci and Lizzie before - two little girls (petite) who would love to be adopted together. They rowdy around with each other, snuggle with you when they are together and generally are loving, busy sisters! About 6 months of age.

Celebrating homecoming with one of the sisters!

This is probably Maci - she always seems to have a more solemn look on her face!

It's that time of the year - sleeping together on your lap or legs - feels toasty warm!

Mr. Medium Hair Frans - look at that stunning eye color! Wonder if it will be his grown-up color?

Carina - busy, playful, full of energy!

No one's telling - is it Katja? Bjorn? A buff, short haired brother and sister!

And then there's Hans - a medium haired black fellow - also full of fun!

And here's a cheer for all the adult cats waiting for homes too!

Olive came to us after a winter spent outside at a townhouse complex, surviving on her own. She is a glossy, shiny coated girl now - her black and rust and white shimmer in the light. Olive is pretty laid back and makes a great apartment cat - playful and affectionate but not stir crazy in a smaller area. She's about 3-4 years old. Most cats live to be 12-18 yrs. of age - Olive is just a young adult!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pet Haven Awards $18,000 in Spay/Neuter grants

Anja and her kittens
Anja, a momma cat was brought into an animal control facility. She had been fending for herself and was extremely underweight. She delivered 5 kittens during her first night in the cage. Pet Haven took her into our foster program two days later to get her out of a shelter environment. She's in a loving foster home now but is still very thin. She has had good nutrition and the kittens have been weaned and is on the road to recovery. She's finally starting to act like she enjoys life - playing and scampering around.

Anja and her five kittens are all up for adoption through Pet Haven. We believe Anja deserves a second chance ... she deserves to not be in survival mode all the time and to not have litter after litter after litter.

There is a serious pet overpopulation problem and Pet Haven is committed to helping reduce pet overpopulation through our Spay/Neuter Initiative program. From 2005 - 2010, Pet Haven awarded 42 grants providing funding for 1,704 animals to be sterilized. Another 13 groups were awarded grants in 2011.

Every cat and dog adopted through Pet Haven is spayed or neutered prior to adoption – doing so is a measure that we’ve always been deeply committed to. To help combat the overpopulation issue, Pet Haven offers grants to other non-profit groups in an attempt to expand spay/neuter efforts. Some of these groups handle surrendered animals while some help communities get control of feral cat populations. Others work to reduce the number of unwanted litters among large breed dogs or offer low income pet owners the assistance that they need.

Last year, Pet Haven awarded $15,300 dollars to seven groups whose combined efforts totaled 302 spays and neuters (cats, dogs and even one bunny)!   There’s no end to the creativity and ingenuity that contributes to theses program’s success. In an effort to reach large dog owners (large dog spay surgery is the most costly of the spay surgeries), one group posted spay/neuter assistance flyers on trash cans along bike trails and walking paths where dog owners throw their doo-doo bags, as well as at Laundromats where dog owners come to wash oversized dog beds that don’t fit in conventional machines – their efforts resulted in three times the amount of large breed dog spay/neuters than in past years! Other groups have sponsored “Spayghetti” dinners to fundraise and educate their communities while another launched a Facebook campaign called “Beat the Heat” geared toward encouraging pet owners to spay/neuter early in the spring to beat the first heat cycle of the breeding season.

This year, we had a record number of applicants and awarded a total of $18,000 to 13 organizations.  Part of our program at the Fall Benefit will be to acknowledge the great work our grant recipients are doing, and even be able to personally recognize a few of the recipients, as representatives from some of the organizations will be in attendance!

Pet Haven is an all-volunteer foster-based rescue. All donations raised from our Fall Benefit will go directly to our adoption program and our spay/neuter efforts.

Please help us in our efforts to reduce pet overpopulation. If you haven't purchased your ticket yet for Pet Haven's Fall Benefit on Saturday, October 29th be sure to visit our website and purchase your ticket today.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunday, Oct. 16, 1-3 p.m.

PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S

Hope to see some folks who need a 'fix' of kittens and cats to admire or adopt!

There will be a variety there - more kittens this time around as we just have had some get through their first vet visits and spay and neuter surgery. Pet Haven chooses to care for all in their foster homes until the foster feels they are recuperated from surgery. All have been tested for feline leukemia and fiv and were negative and have had at least their first prc vaccinations.

These vaccinations begin in young kittenhood and there is a veterinary protocol that prescribes how often and how many vaccinations they need. When old enough or enough time has lapsed since last vaccinations, their adopter will need to take the kitten to their own vet for more prc (distemper) vaccinations and to get their rabies vax., as required by law.

A yearly vet exam is good insurance as well as a 'well-baby' check up shortly after you cat comes home. Then your vet knows how it is doing, how it was feeling, if it's weight was appropriate and, if, at a later date, you feel the cat or kitten is ill they have something to compare your new information to!

Some of those attending will be:

Sylvie - a beautiful and very cute black tuxedo - left behind when renters moved out. Did they lose jobs? had to rent elsewhere where they couldn't afford a cat deposit? Sylvie loves children and is a good playmate - she will also report on the bird count at the feeders as well as how many squirrels and chippies are around.

Sylvie is in the sack - hiding from another foster buddy, Spencer. Do you think he knows she is there?

Phin - Mr. Handsome, about 12 weeks old, he's going to have a long haired coat and will need to have help from you in keeping it tidy!

Carter - a mild mannered, dsh orange tabby, brother to Roz

Roz - a more energetic, silly and active kitten than Carter, a brown tabby torti

Hans - another medium haired kitten, black - outgoing and playful

Bjorn - a dsh, buff male, loves to play and be silly

Anja - the mother of 5 kittens, found in a backyard shed shortly after giving birth. Even with good quality canned and dry kitten food to eat at will she gave of herself to feed that many. Moms have it hardest - they aren't cared for, dumped outside and told to survive or not, raise their kittens or not - those found and cared for inside even have to struggle to complete the task. Anja is feeling better now - her spay surgery took a lot our of her and it was several weeks before she could muster the energy to do more than eat a little, get to the litterbox and curl up on the bed. There is cheering in the foster homes when these girls start coming out to play for even 10-20 minutes. Anja enjoys another cat and is growing a new coat - she's a beautiful black torti.

Luna - a talkative, playful, busy little miss - medium length black hair.




Check out our website here to see other cats and kittens available for adoption!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Good things come in pairs sometimes! Today we'll talk about a few 'pairs' of cats or kittens who would love to go with their sibling.

Maci and Lizzie are two sisters with gray short hair. We hope to find a home for them together. They are petite young ladies, weighing 4# at 5 months of age. They cuddle up together, romp around the house together and enjoy being with their foster family too - they live with teenagers, mom & dad, the family dog and another adult cat. It's a busy life for these two girls.

Someone crashed! Maci? Lizzie?

They like to sleep with you too so you'll have someone to keep you warm in bed as the nights get cooler.

Maci and Lizzie

Gypsy and Java are sisters too - both are tortis, about 6 months of age. Gypsy is a brown tabby torti and Java a black torti.


These girls do not have to go together but they too love to do things together. They romp and rollick through the house, chasing toys and each other and then come for some snuggle time with their foster family members.

Java sitting, Gypsy in front.

Zoe and Dahlia are sisters too - they are 12-18 months of age.


They get along very well together too and can be found watching the birds together, cuddling and snoozing together and then racing around the house in tandem. And they are very people oriented too.

Zoe and Dahlia

Maci and Lizzie are the two we hope to place together, the other 4 girls get along with another cat well and do not have to be placed together.

Looking for a male cat to add to a cat already in your family?

Tinker loves to play with another as well as cuddle and snuggle with you. Noah would love to have a dog in his life and, maybe, another cat who would be rowdy and rough and tumble with him.

And, we have cats who would love to be only cats too! A subject for another day -

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adoption today!

Did you see us at the fairgrounds on Saturday? Adoptable cats and kittens today - PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S. 1-3 p.m.

Lots of furry friends to admire and choose from to adopt!