Monday, March 29, 2010


A person who is a hoarder is unable to understand that they are not caring for themselves well. Such a person does not see the lack of nutrition, hygenie and medical care that is needed by themselves or the animals they care for. Hoarding can involve stacks of newspapers and magazines, the saving of plastic containers or egg cartons until there is little room left to live or the collecting of animals.

The ASPCA has information on animal hoarding.

Pet Haven cats recently rescued 13 cats from a hoarder. They were just the tip of the iceberg.

Scrabble and Jenga had lost hair due to flea allergies and poor nutrition.

Jenga has a very poor hair coat with sparse, thin hair over most of his body. A lack of nutrition and reaction to fleas are the causes. He is underweight for his size.

Scrabble has been losing hair in chunks along his back where he has been itching and licking
from fleas.

A 6 month old kitten named Wendy has had repeat herpes infections in both eyes. She has some vision in her right eye but the third eyelid has attached itself over the eyeball, covering all but a small corner so she can mainly see 'up'. The other eye has ruptured due to a lack of care. She has had an enormous amount of pain in her brief life.

Wendy is a good natured little girl - weighing 3# 1 oz when she came to the vet for the first time. Even in a small cat we would have expected her to weigh 4-5 pounds, most often 6 pounds at 6 months.

Because of her limited eyesight and no access to a litterbox in her former home, Wendy is having to figure out what a litterbox is. She is confined to a cage most of the time and has graduated from having the complete bottom of the cage covered in a litterbox to having one small one there which she has conquered.

When she came to us and for a week or so after she would pee and poop and settle down into it for a nap. She was covered in filth and needed daily baths, usually more than one to prevent urine scalding to her skin. Even with her limited eyesight she would have been capable of learning what a litterbox was for if the hoarder had provided one and shown it to her.

She loves to come out and play and is put on the floor to circle around until she finds one of the many toys arrayed for her to pounce on.

Wendy has been to the opthamologist. She is being treated for her herpes infection with drops and ointment 3 x a day until it can be determined if she will be able to use a litterbox in larger spaces. If she does, one eye will be removed and the other will have the third eyelid released from the eye. She will have scaring on that eye but will be able to see more than she can now.

Mom, Kari, has no undercoat from poor nutrition. She was a walking skeleton and you could feel every part of her backbone as you pet her. Her coat is greasy despite two suds filled baths.

These are some of the kittens taken from the hoarder. They were not socialized at 5 weeks of age and weighed 8 and 9 ounces when they should have weighed at least one pound. Two of the litter of 6 were euthanized as they were dying the day they were rescued. After being force fed 3 or 4 times a day and given sub q fluids for 3 weeks, they are eating dry kitten on their own and continue to be hand fed canned kitten. All will now come and swarm around legs while they wait for their turn for the canned food. They purr and are playful.

Jenga and Scrabble have been joined by two well socialized kittens from another source. They are similar in age and the hoarder kittens are learning how to run through the house and romp and play with toys. They had an advantage in that they were used to people and had been pet but had no idea what 'play' was.

Friends help friends -

volunteers are rewarded by the growth they see in their rescues -

others who are unable to foster can help by joining the volunteer team to promote spay and neuter, make fliers, publicize, educate, advocate and donate.

Please join us and other rescue groups and humane societies!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun, games and a nap

Larry was at Chuck and Don's in Highland. He enjoyed greeting folks and visiting with them but it was not the right time for him to be adopted. Perhaps it wasn't the right time of the year, perhaps the right family didn't see him.

Larry is full of fun and games at home and enjoyed exploring the store when no customers were there. How did the get him back to his condo? Food! Larry loves food!

He's an active and very playful fellow. He'd need another rowdy cat to play with, an owner with time several times a day to play actively with him or a playful dog or two - Larry accepts pretty much anyone as a play-friend.

He does need to rest and snooze sometimes too!

Who is at the store now? Brooklyn!

She's also very playful but does not have the same energy level that Larry does. She comes to see you, likes attention, gets along with another cat. She'd love to move out of her foster home, although life is pretty good there, and find her forever home. She likes people, children, a dog and another cat.

Another cat who has been there but not adopted is Riley. She's a lovely girl with striking markings who would really love to be someone's only lap girl. Good with men or women, she just wants you to sit down!

Rascal Jack will be coming after Easter - another great, devoted, cat companion and a big fellow!

Check out the website at, click on Cats available for adoption.

Kati is another stunning, playful girl looking for a home. She loves to play, likes lots of attention and would prefer to be an only cat also in an adult home.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Preventing Unwanted Litters

Pet Haven, in collaboration with Minnesota Spay Neuter Project, had a one day spay neuter of 25 cats at Westgate Pet Clinic in Minneapolis MN on March 22, 2010. This one-day event is part of Pet Haven’s Spay Neuter Initiative where one aspect of the program is to help provide spay/neuter services to low-income families. To learn more about Pet Haven’s SNI program click here.

All 25 cats were owner-owned cats and went through Pet Haven’s SNI application process. Owners met the subsidy economic criteria for household income and size. Many thanks to Westgate Pet Clinic who provided substantial discounts and only charged the SNI program $65/spay and $51/neuter for a total of $1443. Many thanks also to the veterinarians who volunteered their time!

In addition to staff at Westgate we had volunteers on hand to help with paperwork, check-in and check-out of clients and patients, cleaning carriers and making calls to clients to inform them that their cat was ready to be picked up. Having volunteers focus on these tasks enable Westgate staff to focus on veterinary services for the cats.
Spay/Neuter efforts are an essential and critical component to the pet overpopulation crisis we are currently faced with – we need to stop the flow at its source – by preventing unwanted litters. We need to support and provide assistance to those who want to spay/neuter their pets, but are unable to afford the cost of sterilization.

Pet Haven is committed to increasing efforts in 2010 to spay/neuter. If you would like to be a part of this effort please email

Monday, March 22, 2010


If you live in MN, or in IA this year, as winter draws to an end we hear many television, radio, internet and newspaper stories about flooding, the river is rising and too high to be contained in its banks.

Homes, families, companion animals, everyone is stressed and in danger.

The same thing is happening at your local animal shelter, impound, humane society and rescue group. Calls are more urgent. Now it is not just

'that stray',

that much beloved pet who must be rehomed due to financial/foreclosure issues or a death in the family,

that one of many females in a hoarder house

now it is that mom and her kittens.

She's a stray, she's been part of a family, she's going to or already has had babies. Where do they go? What will become of them? Will there be homes for all of them?

Many will go into foster care through a humane society or a limited admission group. Others will continue to try to survive on the streets without adequate food, shelter, water or warmth. Many will die. Many are having their first litters now or in the next few weeks. Each that is not spayed will go on to have 2 or 3 more litters this year.

With all the rescue groups and humane societies working together, there are not enough homes for all of the kittens and puppies being born. Because people seem to be generally more willing to adopt a kitten, that means one more adult is not adopted because there are not enough families. Adult cats and dogs who have known love have been abandoned and will no longer have the chance of a forever, loving home because that infant is so much cuter, more fun, more appealing.

What can you do? What can we all do?

We need to work together. We have one large common goal - to find a home for every adoptable companion animal.

How will that happen?

Only if we increase spay and neuter for all cats and dogs and rabbits. Only if we value these animals as a part of our family.

Please spread the word, volunteer, donate, create fliers, do data entry, transport, educate, advocate, foster, steer your friends and acquaintances away from breeders, pet stores and back-yard breeders.

Encourage one person you know who has a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered to do so. Help them find a group to help them at a reduced fee. Offer to help fund raise to help with the costs for that spay/neuter. Find groups to take the cat, dog, kittens, puppies, bunnies to that will spay and neuter before the pet is adopted.

Be a part of the solution - we can do it if we work together.

Baker and Widget thank you.

Baker was adopted and is loved.

Widget, loved by her foster family, was euthanized when she became ill with FIP at 5 months of age, still in her foster home.

Their mother? We have no idea - the two kittens were left on someone's doorstep.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Adoptions, Sun. March 21

Join us on Sunday and see all the cats we have available for adoption.

The time is 1-3 p.m. We will be at:

Chuck and Don's in Bloomington at 8417 Lyndale Ave. S and

PetCo Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S

Lots of cats are up for adoption. Our kittens are in the 8-10 month old range, most cats are from 1-3 yrs. old and a few are older. Sapphire and Lucy are the only two that are declawed. All have been tested for feline leukemia and fiv and were negative, are up to date on vaccinations, have been spayed or neutered, microchipped and dewormed a couple times. They are dewormed a couple of time and treated for fleas/earmites as needed.

Since they are in foster homes we can tell you about their personalities, their favorite toys, if they are a lap cat, very demanding or more laid back.

Kati would love to be seen in her foster home, she's very stressed at our adoptions but is going to try attending again. She's a great companion, loves to interact with you and is a busy, playful young lady! Need someone to talk to? She'll do that too.

Jellybean - the lover of dogs and gets along well with another cat!

Brooklyn - easy going, playful, good with another cat or dog and on her own too.

Duke and Sienna - do not have to be adopted together but would love to be. They groom each other, sleep together and play like crazy together. Sienna needs to have her food measured out for her, she's a bit of a chub!

Ladybug - playful, loves pipecleaners that are bent into different shapes and gets along well with another cat.

Riley - laid back lap girl, playful, loves a sunny window, wishes to be an only cat. Loves to have her head rubbed.

Denny and Dot - two medium haired black smoke kittens, sister and brother. Active, playful, love attention.

Sirocco - sleek and shiny, ready to be loved and played with, good with another cat.

More will be attending - come browse, tell your friends, adopt!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Action Needed: Including Pets in Orders for Protection


On Wednesday, March 10, the Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division Committee voted to approve a bill that would authorize courts to include pets and companion animals in orders for protection. Reps will be asked to vote on this today!

Please take a moment to call YOUR rep listed below and leave a message with his or her aide that you'd like them to support HF1396 Domestic abuse; courts authorized to include pets and companion animals in protective orders!

Read more about this on the MPR website where Lara Peterson (of A Rotta Love) shares first hand how she comes home to the lifeless body of her 5 month old cat in a trash bag. Lara testified before legislators this week to support the bill.

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection also has additional information on their website.
Public Safety Policy and Oversight Committee Members:

Joe Mullery 651-296-4262 58-A (Minneapolis)
Gail Kulick Jackson 651-296-6746 16-A (Princeton, Milaca, etc.)
Steve Drazkowski 651-296-2273 28-B (Goodview, St. Charles, etc)
Tony Cornish 651-296-4240 24-B (Lake Crystal, Wells, etc.)
Debra Hilstrom 651-296-3709 46-B (Brooklyn Park/Center)
Kory Kath 651-296-5368 26-A (Waseca, Owatonna, etc.)
Sheldon Johnson 651-296-4201 67-B (St. Paul)
Tim Kelly 651-296-8635 28-A (Red Wing, Lake City, Cannon Falls, etc)
Paul Kohls 651-296-4282 34-A (Chaska, Waconia, Victoria, etc.)
Dave Olin 651-296-9635 1-A (NW cities in State)
Michael Paymar- bill author 651-296-4199 64-B (St. Paul)
Sandra Masin 651-296-3533 38-A (Eagan, Burnsville)
Ron Shimanski, R 651-296-1534 18-A (Hutchinson, Glencoe, etc.)
John Lesch, DFL 651-296-4224 66-A (St. Paul)
Bruce Anderson 651-296-5063 19-A (Monticello, Buffalo, Maple Lake)
Karla Bigham 651-296-4342 57-A (Cottage Grove, S. St. Paul, St. Paul Park, etc.)

Please contact your representative - you can find him/her by going to:

If your rep is listed above please leave a message of support for this piece of legislation being heard in committee. If you know anyone who may live in the areas listed above please encourage them to make a quick 1 minute call in support of HF1396!

Help pets in need by a simple click

Thanks to founder Kim Carrier of The Pet Project there is a non-profit now whose mission is to helps people keep their pets by providing pet food and basic supplies to those who are struggling.

After being featured in the Star Tribune about the work she is doing she got a phone call from Cargill. Nutrena (owned by Cargill) makes the premium pet food Loyall. After reading the article on The Pet Project and how Kim is working to stock food shelves with pet food (as they are very much a part of the family) they donated a truck load of pet food (worth approximately $10,000!)!. They have agreed to donate another truckload of pet food if the following youtube video is viewed 10,000 times by April 30th. Please consider watching the video and pass the link around to all those you know.

Thanks Kim! Thanks Cargill/Nutrena! And Thanks to all for what you do on behalf of animals and their guardians who love them.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Sadie has found a home! This shyer girl who grew up in a shelter without the sounds of a household around her and who knew nothing about windows, was slow to adjust to her foster home. She had met few people in her life and was an introvert. Gradually she began to blossom and has found the perfect spot for her - with a woman as an owner which seemed to be Sadie's preference. She sleeps with her owner and comes for attention at bedtime and is very gradually exploring the house. Lucky Sadie!

Sonic has also found a home - a little girl, under a year, who was not at all fond of our adoption events and grumbled away while there. She was visited in her foster home where she acts like the star she is and went home to a family with children and a dad who works from home - she'll love it!

Silas has also found a home. He and Sadie are siblings and he was the braver of the pair but still found windows and household sounds intimidating at first. Silas loves to give hugs and is very playful and will love being an only guy with a man for an owner!

It was a good week for cats who had names that began with an 'S'!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Louie and others

Do you remember Louie? The fellow picked up by impound with severe frostbite, starvation and other ailments? He's definitely a senior citizen and had either been put outside to survive or die on his own or gotten lost and not found by his owner. No one claimed him at impound and he went to live with a Pet Haven volunteer and foster who has a special place in her heart for the 'older' set.

Here's a pix of the 'before' Louie. In the top picture you will see how his coat has improved and he's feeling pretty happy!

Louie has gained weight - a pound. He's warm and happy. He has new friends - not just people but other cats. He's gained strength.

Will he live a long, long time and be a loved companion for many years? No, he won't.

But he and his foster will have many special moments to cherish and remember - the best one being that Louie has a home, one that will stick by him forever.

Others who have found homes recently are of the younger set - Speedy, Libby, Sadie, Smokey Joe (a middle aged fellow himself) who came from a hoarder house through the Animal Humane Society, April and Bijou.

Thank you to all of you who adopt a rescued companion animal. Those who open their hearts to cats and dogs who have been surrendered or abandoned at least once in their lives are special people.

Living in foster homes, Pet Haven can tell you what these animals need to feel loved and secure and help you find the best fit for your family. Lucky you - lucky them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time is critical for Puppy & Kitten Mill Bill

Reposted from the Animal Humane Society Website:

Time is critical for Puppy & Kitten Mill Bill

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Dog and Cat Breeder Bill (S.F. 7/H.F. 253), also known as the Puppy and Kitten Mill Bill is before the Minnesota Legislature. The bill will put in place licensing and inspection of dog and cat breeder facilities in Minnesota, bringing an end to inhumane breeding practices.

Currently, the bill is still “on the table” in the respective agriculture and veterans committees in both the Minnesota Senate and the House of Representatives. We need your continued support to help members of the committees understand the importance of the bill and to “call it off the table” for discussion.

Time is critical. The first policy committee deadline is next Friday, March 12. If we are not granted a hearing by that time, the bill will not pass this year.

You can make a difference with one phone call. Please call all of the following members on the committees (listed below) before noon on Monday and let him or her know you support S.F. 7/H.F. 253. If you live in one of these districts, please make certain your legislator knows that fact. To find your district and State legislators, go to: Minnesota District Finder.

MN Senate Agriculture and Veterans Committee Members
State the bill number and the Senate author's name: S.F. 7 authored by Senator Don Betzold

Tony Lourey 651.296.0293
Lisa A. Fobbe 651.296.8075
David W. Hann 651.296.1749
Rod Skoe 651.296.4196
Dan Skogen 651.296.5655
House Agriculture, Rural Economies and Veterans Affairs Committee
State the bill number and the House author’s name: H.F. 253 authored by Representative Tom Tillberry

Mary Ellen Otremba 651.296.3201
Kent Eken 651.296.9918
Terry Morrow 651.296-8634
Dean Urdahl 651.296.4344
Now is the time to be a voice for animals.

Explain the importance of the bill and that it is a highly collaborative effort among many animal groups and volunteers, and the bill has a long list of supporting organizations and individuals—including you.

Talking points for your call

Educate them on what goes on in puppy and kitten mills

If you call this weekend, chances are you'll reach the legislator's voicemail. Please leave a message with your name and support of S.F. 7 (Betzold) or H.F. 253 (Tillberry).

Legislators are also hearing from breeders and others who oppose the bill. Your voice will make a difference. Don’t wait—call today!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Big Adoption Weekend

Pet Haven has adoptions both Sat. and Sunday in one location.

PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S

Sat. March 6 11-1 p.m.

Sun. March 7 1-3 p.m.

Come and meet us and think about adopting a new furry friend for your home! Some of the cats who will be there are:

Look at those long eyebrows and whiskers!

Riley loves those head scritches!

Kati - sassy and beautiful!

Larry a boy full of fun and games -

And many more, of course! Kittens in the 9 month to 1 yr. range. Others who are 5-6 yrs. old. Most 2-3 yrs. of age.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coins for Canines

Pet Haven has been the recipient of another fund raiser!

As you check the cat and dog blogs, you will notice that we take in cats and dogs who have health issues and need a lot of care as well as vaccinations and altering. We help folks in the community and other groups with spay/neuter grants. We appreciate all of the funds we receive to help support these vital programs!

Pet Haven was the recipient of Coins for Canines, money raised throughout the Golden Gophers Women’s Basketball season. Coins for Canines was a contest where people submitted photos of their very cute pooches dressed in their Gopher best. Each photo was placed on a large water cooler jug and fans voted for their favorite photo by placing coins (and bills!) into the jugs. The money raised as part of this effort was donated to Pet Haven.

I was honored to represent Pet Haven at the Gopher Women’s Basketball game on February 25th to receive a check for Pet Haven worth nearly $1400! Before I received the check, Deborah Diamond, Associate Director of Marketing for the Gophers, told me the final amount would probably be a lot more since they were still counting the money. I was called onto the floor during halftime, where I was presented the big check. Jim Marshall, the Gophers announcer, introduced me with the same excitement he does for the players, which was very exciting for me and probably as close as I’ll ever come to feeling like a rock star.

The plan was for the winning dog to be announced at the end of the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us!) there were so many coins, that folks were still counting the money at the end of the game! Deborah emailed me the next day that the total raised was an impressive $2,266.82! Nachito, the winning dog, received roughly $600 worth of votes!

Although the Gopher Women lost the basketball game on Thursday, Pet Haven was a clear winner! Thank you to Deborah, the Golden Gophers Women’s Basketball Team, and all the fans who voted. We’ll be able to help a lot of cats and dogs!

Karen S.