Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Louie and others

Do you remember Louie? The fellow picked up by impound with severe frostbite, starvation and other ailments? He's definitely a senior citizen and had either been put outside to survive or die on his own or gotten lost and not found by his owner. No one claimed him at impound and he went to live with a Pet Haven volunteer and foster who has a special place in her heart for the 'older' set.

Here's a pix of the 'before' Louie. In the top picture you will see how his coat has improved and he's feeling pretty happy!

Louie has gained weight - a pound. He's warm and happy. He has new friends - not just people but other cats. He's gained strength.

Will he live a long, long time and be a loved companion for many years? No, he won't.

But he and his foster will have many special moments to cherish and remember - the best one being that Louie has a home, one that will stick by him forever.

Others who have found homes recently are of the younger set - Speedy, Libby, Sadie, Smokey Joe (a middle aged fellow himself) who came from a hoarder house through the Animal Humane Society, April and Bijou.

Thank you to all of you who adopt a rescued companion animal. Those who open their hearts to cats and dogs who have been surrendered or abandoned at least once in their lives are special people.

Living in foster homes, Pet Haven can tell you what these animals need to feel loved and secure and help you find the best fit for your family. Lucky you - lucky them.

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