Monday, March 15, 2010


Sadie has found a home! This shyer girl who grew up in a shelter without the sounds of a household around her and who knew nothing about windows, was slow to adjust to her foster home. She had met few people in her life and was an introvert. Gradually she began to blossom and has found the perfect spot for her - with a woman as an owner which seemed to be Sadie's preference. She sleeps with her owner and comes for attention at bedtime and is very gradually exploring the house. Lucky Sadie!

Sonic has also found a home - a little girl, under a year, who was not at all fond of our adoption events and grumbled away while there. She was visited in her foster home where she acts like the star she is and went home to a family with children and a dad who works from home - she'll love it!

Silas has also found a home. He and Sadie are siblings and he was the braver of the pair but still found windows and household sounds intimidating at first. Silas loves to give hugs and is very playful and will love being an only guy with a man for an owner!

It was a good week for cats who had names that began with an 'S'!

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