Thursday, March 18, 2010

Action Needed: Including Pets in Orders for Protection


On Wednesday, March 10, the Crime Victims/Criminal Records Division Committee voted to approve a bill that would authorize courts to include pets and companion animals in orders for protection. Reps will be asked to vote on this today!

Please take a moment to call YOUR rep listed below and leave a message with his or her aide that you'd like them to support HF1396 Domestic abuse; courts authorized to include pets and companion animals in protective orders!

Read more about this on the MPR website where Lara Peterson (of A Rotta Love) shares first hand how she comes home to the lifeless body of her 5 month old cat in a trash bag. Lara testified before legislators this week to support the bill.

Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection also has additional information on their website.
Public Safety Policy and Oversight Committee Members:

Joe Mullery 651-296-4262 58-A (Minneapolis)
Gail Kulick Jackson 651-296-6746 16-A (Princeton, Milaca, etc.)
Steve Drazkowski 651-296-2273 28-B (Goodview, St. Charles, etc)
Tony Cornish 651-296-4240 24-B (Lake Crystal, Wells, etc.)
Debra Hilstrom 651-296-3709 46-B (Brooklyn Park/Center)
Kory Kath 651-296-5368 26-A (Waseca, Owatonna, etc.)
Sheldon Johnson 651-296-4201 67-B (St. Paul)
Tim Kelly 651-296-8635 28-A (Red Wing, Lake City, Cannon Falls, etc)
Paul Kohls 651-296-4282 34-A (Chaska, Waconia, Victoria, etc.)
Dave Olin 651-296-9635 1-A (NW cities in State)
Michael Paymar- bill author 651-296-4199 64-B (St. Paul)
Sandra Masin 651-296-3533 38-A (Eagan, Burnsville)
Ron Shimanski, R 651-296-1534 18-A (Hutchinson, Glencoe, etc.)
John Lesch, DFL 651-296-4224 66-A (St. Paul)
Bruce Anderson 651-296-5063 19-A (Monticello, Buffalo, Maple Lake)
Karla Bigham 651-296-4342 57-A (Cottage Grove, S. St. Paul, St. Paul Park, etc.)

Please contact your representative - you can find him/her by going to:

If your rep is listed above please leave a message of support for this piece of legislation being heard in committee. If you know anyone who may live in the areas listed above please encourage them to make a quick 1 minute call in support of HF1396!

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