Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coins for Canines

Pet Haven has been the recipient of another fund raiser!

As you check the cat and dog blogs, you will notice that we take in cats and dogs who have health issues and need a lot of care as well as vaccinations and altering. We help folks in the community and other groups with spay/neuter grants. We appreciate all of the funds we receive to help support these vital programs!

Pet Haven was the recipient of Coins for Canines, money raised throughout the Golden Gophers Women’s Basketball season. Coins for Canines was a contest where people submitted photos of their very cute pooches dressed in their Gopher best. Each photo was placed on a large water cooler jug and fans voted for their favorite photo by placing coins (and bills!) into the jugs. The money raised as part of this effort was donated to Pet Haven.

I was honored to represent Pet Haven at the Gopher Women’s Basketball game on February 25th to receive a check for Pet Haven worth nearly $1400! Before I received the check, Deborah Diamond, Associate Director of Marketing for the Gophers, told me the final amount would probably be a lot more since they were still counting the money. I was called onto the floor during halftime, where I was presented the big check. Jim Marshall, the Gophers announcer, introduced me with the same excitement he does for the players, which was very exciting for me and probably as close as I’ll ever come to feeling like a rock star.

The plan was for the winning dog to be announced at the end of the game. Unfortunately (or fortunately for us!) there were so many coins, that folks were still counting the money at the end of the game! Deborah emailed me the next day that the total raised was an impressive $2,266.82! Nachito, the winning dog, received roughly $600 worth of votes!

Although the Gopher Women lost the basketball game on Thursday, Pet Haven was a clear winner! Thank you to Deborah, the Golden Gophers Women’s Basketball Team, and all the fans who voted. We’ll be able to help a lot of cats and dogs!

Karen S.

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