Monday, March 22, 2010


If you live in MN, or in IA this year, as winter draws to an end we hear many television, radio, internet and newspaper stories about flooding, the river is rising and too high to be contained in its banks.

Homes, families, companion animals, everyone is stressed and in danger.

The same thing is happening at your local animal shelter, impound, humane society and rescue group. Calls are more urgent. Now it is not just

'that stray',

that much beloved pet who must be rehomed due to financial/foreclosure issues or a death in the family,

that one of many females in a hoarder house

now it is that mom and her kittens.

She's a stray, she's been part of a family, she's going to or already has had babies. Where do they go? What will become of them? Will there be homes for all of them?

Many will go into foster care through a humane society or a limited admission group. Others will continue to try to survive on the streets without adequate food, shelter, water or warmth. Many will die. Many are having their first litters now or in the next few weeks. Each that is not spayed will go on to have 2 or 3 more litters this year.

With all the rescue groups and humane societies working together, there are not enough homes for all of the kittens and puppies being born. Because people seem to be generally more willing to adopt a kitten, that means one more adult is not adopted because there are not enough families. Adult cats and dogs who have known love have been abandoned and will no longer have the chance of a forever, loving home because that infant is so much cuter, more fun, more appealing.

What can you do? What can we all do?

We need to work together. We have one large common goal - to find a home for every adoptable companion animal.

How will that happen?

Only if we increase spay and neuter for all cats and dogs and rabbits. Only if we value these animals as a part of our family.

Please spread the word, volunteer, donate, create fliers, do data entry, transport, educate, advocate, foster, steer your friends and acquaintances away from breeders, pet stores and back-yard breeders.

Encourage one person you know who has a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered to do so. Help them find a group to help them at a reduced fee. Offer to help fund raise to help with the costs for that spay/neuter. Find groups to take the cat, dog, kittens, puppies, bunnies to that will spay and neuter before the pet is adopted.

Be a part of the solution - we can do it if we work together.

Baker and Widget thank you.

Baker was adopted and is loved.

Widget, loved by her foster family, was euthanized when she became ill with FIP at 5 months of age, still in her foster home.

Their mother? We have no idea - the two kittens were left on someone's doorstep.

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