Friday, July 29, 2011

Can you tell them apart?

These 4 girls are sisters - probably not twins but they are a challenge to tell apart!

Lizzie - she has a little white on her throat -

Maci has a little brown hair on her forehead -

Shavay plays peek-a-boo -

Miss Evans

They are about 10 weeks old and were with mom until about 4-5 weeks and no one knows what happened to her. They all have short hair and are gray -

They love to play with each other, another cat and come for people attention.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Candance and babies

Here's Ms Candance with her two little kids.

She came to Pet Haven through a call to the voicemail line. A family had seen her in the area for several weeks, she disappeared and reappeared with 3 kittens, one of whom died. They had made a 'shelter' for her on the outside of the garage, next to the alley.

A Pet Haven volunteer scooped her up the same day we got the call - she didn't think that was a safe place for a new mother and her babies.

They were born about July 14, eyes are open now and they are little squeakers, well fed and kept clean by mom.

Phineaus is a dark brown tabby male -

Ferb is an orange tabby female -

Do you know someone who needs to get their cat or dog spayed or neutered?

Dogs and cats have fewer health risks if they are spayed or neutered before their first litter is born.

Spaying and neutering before having a litter helps with the overpopulation problem.

Kittens are fun; some families enjoy them and then dump them out the door when they are a nuisance because they are in heat, have litters, begin to spray while in heat or when sexually mature.

That kitten learned to be loved. How must it feel to be shut out of the house? Where will it's food come from? Who will protect it? Who will love it?

Help us! Help the cats and dogs, kittens and puppies. Refer people to:

Lower cost spay and neuter surgeries, income based. Additional financial help through various organizations such as Pet Haven if you are at the federal poverty level.

FREE clinic - this Friday, July 29, 2011. We need to fill that surgery schedule!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Adoption Sunday, 7/24, 1-3 p.m.

Cat and kitten adoption this Sunday - stop by and get a 'furry fix'!

Who will attend?

Scamper -







Miss Evans


and others!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mama kitty and kittens

See the end of the blog for news on a spay/neuter clinic.

Mama and her two babies are in their new foster home - we're waiting for names and will post better pictures as time goes on.

Mom was tested for feline leukemia and fiv and was negative. She is long haired brown tabby torti. She's a very responsible mom, keeping her babies well fed and clean. She gives a mild 'hiss' when you first approach her but gets up to rub all around your ankles and purr and she is fine with her babies being handled.

Mom also is cross -eyed - it is a very cute look!

Mom isn't in the best of shape - her long hair is greasy and dirty. It is tough to take care of yourself when you are booted out the door to survive on your own. Hard to feed yourself much less have time for grooming between rain and mud.

The two babies are just opening their eyes. One is a female, she is an orange tabby. The other is a male, a brown tabby. We think the girl will have longer hair like mom but can't decide about the little boy yet.

Spay and Neuter Clinic

Pet Haven is helping to sponsor a spay/neuter clinic through KindestCutMN. It will be held in N Minneapolis on Friday, July 29.

Do you know of anyone in Minneapolis who is in need of having their cat or dog spayed or neutered to end the cycle of litter after litter?

Please, pass this information along!

Help us find families who would love to keep their pets but who cannot afford this surgery!

If you are interested in volunteering for clinics like this, let us know that too.

Help with check in.

Help with transportation if the family has few resources.

Help by making a donation towards spay and neuter through any number of rescues, humane societies and and

Click here to fill out an application to volunteer through Pet Haven. Fill out the volunteer application and submit it online.

Only by working together, can we solve the overpopulation problem in cats and dogs.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Millie, now named Maggie, has found a home!

Ms. M lived at a shelter for some time where she was surrendered by her owner. She didn't really enjoy the numbers of other cats at the shelter and was hoping for a home of her own and now she has found it.

She is a fun and loving girl who has lots of playful games up her 'sleeve' and dashes around her home with toys much of the time.

She also has a new friend, adopted through the Animal Humane Society.

Her name is Princess. She was going to be 'Angel' but she is a counter surfer and into all sorts of mischief so the 'angel' part was dropped!

Millie settled in and started playing very quickly, Princess has taken a few weeks to get comfortable - she was a 'stray' and it takes time to get used to the new people, new house, new noises.

These girls are enjoying each other's company and being loved.

Their owner has worked with Pet Haven and another group to help alter some other stray, many feral, cats near her home. Every summer folks would come to work near there with their pets and too often leave them behind. Pet Haven took a number of adults and kittens and placed them in homes.

Now, years later, two of the cats remain, Mama and one of her sons, Tuxedo Boy (or Mr. Smiles as I would probably name him). As you can see they are fat and pleased with their lives. They sleep in comfort, have warm housing in the winter, food and fresh water. They trust their caregiver enough to let her pet them some but are very much afraid of other people.

If you need to take a run to the store for a kitty fix, stop by Chuck and Don's in Highland, St Paul.

Garth will be there this week and loves company.

He's fostered with another cat and they enjoy each other's company, running and wrestling and playing games.

He also loves the early elementary age granddaughter who comes to play with him at grandma's house and gets along well with the small dog. He's a very versatile boy! He likes to snuggle under the sheet with you - just as soon as it is a little cooler, thank you!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Adoption Sunday, July 10, 1-3 p.m

Stop by and say hello - pick up a flier or two to post around in coffee shops, at work, vet clinics and other places you routinely go to get the word out about Pet Haven adoptable cats and kittens!

Some of the attendees to admire will be:

Rudi -

Kip -

Sylvie -

Garth -

Noah -

Cheveyo -

Tinker -

Gibby -

Spencer -

Wilma -

If you like male cats, it appears we will be 'heavy' on that side of the gender list!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Morrie really isn't sure this is his favorite holiday but he is very patient and wore a holiday collar to celeberate - with his stunning blue eye (one had to be removed) and blue blanket, he really is a boy who can bring off the 'look'!

Morrie is a gentle boy who coexists peacefully with another cat who isn't too rambunctious but would be more than happy to be an only fellow to lap up all your love. He's very laid back and sits next to you or gets on the bed to sleep with you. He'd be a great companion for someone who has a family member who is housebound much of the time. Easy to look at and even better as a friend. Morrie's fur is long and he needs to be combed weekly - it isn't his favorite activity but he cooperates well.

Rudi (black) and Kip (black/white) are sisters patiently waiting for a home. Not yet 4 months old they are full of fun and games. Each comes for attention and gets along with another cat too.

Spencer was bored - he took a nap! He is under 3 months of age and is a flame point siamese x.

Gibby is Spencer's sister. She is a dark torti, her fur is almost all black (the brown showed up in the photo) with just a little orange and tan in her eyebrows and here and there. She has a little white on her tummy and chest. Playful kittens.

Keep your cats and dogs inside, safe from harm! Celebrations with neighborhood and community fireworks are startling and frightening to many companion animals.

If you take your cat outside, please put a harness and leash on it so that if it jumps down from your arms you will be able to reach down or step on the leash and find the cat quickly. Some actually enjoy going for a walk with you holding the leash!

If your cat or dog is frightened of the noise, keep them inside and allow them into a darkened room where they an hide away.

We're in for more hot and humid weather. No car rides, no waiting in the car while you just run in the store 'for a minute'! Keep fresh water available inside and out and, if your dog is outside, it needs lots of fresh water twice a day AND a shady spot to stay out of the most extreme heat!