Friday, August 28, 2009

Cats for adoption - Chuck and Don's in Highland

Max is shown in the condo that Pet Haven has at the Chuck and Don's in Highland. He's a relaxed boy there but loves to play and romp - have another young cat? He'd really like a companion fellow or girl to bounce around and play games of chase. Have a laser light? He enjoys playing with that - and fishing pole type toys too!

Here are some of the kittens who will be taking turns there over the next week or two - Abbie, Blaine, Tim and Tansy. Orange? We've got orange! Girls? Boys? Got that covered too! Kittens who get along with another cat or kitten or could go as an only cat - the possibilities are endless. Loving, fun, well socialized - adoptable.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adoption weekend

Chablis and Alana found homes at the first large group MnPAW adoption on Sat. It was held Sat., 8/22 at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley and other groups attending were AHS cats and dogs, RAGOM, It's a Rotta Love Plus, MNSNP and Pet Haven dogs. A number of dogs had home visits scheduled or were adopted then too.

Ms Monkey who has the cutest tail we've seen so far, was adopted from the Chuck and Don's in Highland today also.

Max is visiting at the Chuck and Don's now and welcomes visitors. He's a friendly and busy boy who loves another active cat to play with and gets along with the small dog in the foster home. He's personable, likes to be with you and especially likes to snooze on top of the refrigerator - he'll even dust it off for you!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sat. 8/22, MnPAW Adoption

On Saturday Pet Haven will participate in the first group adoption of the new coalition, MnPAW. The time is from 10-4 and the location is at the Animal Humane Society auditorium at 845 Meadow Lane in Golden Valley.

Pet Haven cats will be there on a 2 hour rotation during the day and the dogs will be there on a 3 hour rotation. Other MnPAW groups are participating also so there will be many wonderful cats and dogs looking for forever homes.

Stop by, learn about the coalition, meet the animals and adopt if you are ready and you find a good match!

Some of the cats who will be there are Kati, Riley, Max, Daisy, Alana, Tim Tim, Nick, Brooklyn and many others.

Alana says hello - it will be her first adoption event.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Leslie - takes over as 'Greeter'

If you stopped by a Pet Haven cat adoption earlier this year you will remember Moose. He was always friendly, ready for a pat or tummy rub.

Leslie has taken over that job now that Moose has found a home! He's big and brown instead of big and black. He has big, chubby cheeks and there's lots of him to stroke and pat AND he loves to talk to you.

Moose was missing an ear flap - Leslie is missing a rear back leg. We don't think that has anything to do with what makes them great greeters but it is a little strange that they are alike in this way too.

So - stop by, visit, consider another Pet Haven cat or kitten OR Leslie, as a new member of your family!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Adoption events are hard -

Ira would like you to know that he is a very sweet fellow with lots of love and companionship to offer!

He is active and playful, gets along with the fosters two cats but it took awhile. Lots of hissing and grumbling on his part so we think he would love to be an only fellow. Because of the other cats present at adoption events, he finds those difficult too and you do not get a true impression of his wonderful personality.

Ira, also called Tenor, loves to play with you and by himself. He also loves hugs!

His foster parents would be happy to have an adopter see him in their home so you can see what a great little guy he is - and handsome too.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekends are busy!

Pet Haven cats will be busy this weekend. We hold two adoptions.

Sat. 8/15, 11-1 p.m.

Sun. 8/16, 1-3 p.m.

Both are at the PetCo in Richfield.

Stop by, see the cats and kittens, tell your friends, family or co-workers what wonderful cats we have and consider adopting!

Sat: Max, Tim Tim, Autumn, Kati, Koko, Helen, Serena and some of the other orange kittens.

Sun. Brooklyn, Daisy, Leslie (you'll hear him greeting you when you come in the door probably), Gerry, Daphne and Star.

Follow Les' voice and find us in the rear of the store near the dog collars and leashes - he doesn't want you to miss out.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Multi- Agency Adoption Event: August 22nd

Pet Haven will be participating in the first MnPAW adoption event. Come on out to the Animal Humane Society (AHS) in Golden Valley on Saturday, August 22nd, from 10am to 4pm to meet and greet dogs from Pet Haven, AHS, RAGOM and A Rotta Love all in one place.

Click on the flyer to enlarge.
See the MnPAW website for more information.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Highland Chuck and Don's

Brenda was most recently at Chuck and Don's and it appears she will have a new home soon.

Elsie is there now - she's a very cute black and white short haired girl who loves to play. We think she'd prefer to be an only cat. She's adaptable and affectionate and easily identified by her shorter than normal eartips since she was abandoned outside last winter. Elsie holds no grudges though - she just loves people.

Next week we'll try Autumn there - she has all those beautiful fall colors and is quite the cute girl. Playful, young, loves her toys and very people oriented. Probably ok with a respectful dog and another cat.

Panther is still missing. If you live, work or travel in the area of Lone Oak Rd and Lone Oak Ln. in Eagan, please contact Pet Haven, 952-831-3825, or a volunteer to notify us of any sightings of him! Mary Ann 763-559-3976

Monday, August 3, 2009

Panther is lost - can you help?

Panther was recently adopted and lives at 14xx Lone Oak Ln. in Eagan MN 55121. He broke out of the screen on Aug. 3 and his new owner, her mother and Pet Haven volunteers have been searching for him.

Panther is probably too shy to come to you but if you see this large-sized black fellow with a burly body and big cheeks, please give one of us a call! Panther has spent a number of years on the streets - we don't want that to happen again to this wonderful fellow!

Anne 651-454-5038
Kannika 612-823-0528
Mary Ann 763-559-3976
Kim 651-552-8825

His Home Again microchip number is: 493 66F 6965

Let's bring that boy home.

Photo Credit: Sarah Beth Photography

Newer girls

Monkey will be coming to adoptions soon. She is a very cute torti and has a tail that curves over her back and then it hangs in a curl along her side! She had a litter of kittens, they've been adopted and now it is her turn. Her foster thinks she is young, she is very playful and loves attention and gets along with another cat. The vet guessed her at a year +. Look at her dark fur outlining her mouth - it almost looks like a smile.

Alana is a little girl with lots of spunk and spirit. She came from Red Lake and loved the two dogs in her temporary foster home immediately. Legs waving, tummy being nuzzled. She can be a little intimidating with another cat as she comes on very enthusiastically for such a petite thing.

Alana was found at the dump, the rest of her siblings had been stomped to death. This little girl is so fast, I'm sure that the perpetrator was not coordinated enough to kill her. We hope Alana will have a long and healthy life with a dog or two of her own and to be kept inside, safe from harm. She will be ready for adoption after her spay the middle of August.

Many other cats and kittens are waiting for forever homes now. Looking for orange? We continue to have more orange cats and kittens; a couple of tortis; black, brown tabbies; black and white - you name it - we've probably got it.

At our first two adoptions in August, we found homes for 4 cats and kittens. That's a wonderful start to the month and we have already brought in a litter of 4 kittens and hope to bring in some others too. Thank you to all of you who adopt a rescued cat or dog! When that happens, we can help another one. Your support as a volunteer or donor makes a world of difference to one companion animal at a time.