Friday, August 21, 2009

Sat. 8/22, MnPAW Adoption

On Saturday Pet Haven will participate in the first group adoption of the new coalition, MnPAW. The time is from 10-4 and the location is at the Animal Humane Society auditorium at 845 Meadow Lane in Golden Valley.

Pet Haven cats will be there on a 2 hour rotation during the day and the dogs will be there on a 3 hour rotation. Other MnPAW groups are participating also so there will be many wonderful cats and dogs looking for forever homes.

Stop by, learn about the coalition, meet the animals and adopt if you are ready and you find a good match!

Some of the cats who will be there are Kati, Riley, Max, Daisy, Alana, Tim Tim, Nick, Brooklyn and many others.

Alana says hello - it will be her first adoption event.

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