Friday, July 18, 2008

Tika - still waiting

Tika is still looking for the perfect home for her.  She's lovely and people oriented, likes and needs another cat to play actively with, is willing to help you around the house whatever the chore and likes children really well.  She'd love to have a family with multiple members because she would then have more people to follow around and be with.   Everyone would enjoy her antics and games and the other cat in your life would get a kick out of her too.  

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missy - just look at those eyes!

Missy is one of many females we take in each year.  Too often these girls have had repeated litters over their lives, little if any vet care and we don't know whether they have had regular food.  They show up most often as strays on the street or from impound.  

Missy is a very cute girl - she a brown tabby torti with white feet, chest and tummy.  She came to another shelter very depressed and not eating well.  She had been spayed and after awhile she had a few teeth removed because she continued to have a poor appetite.  When one of Pet Haven's vets examined Missy, it was evident she needed additional dental work.  Missy has been in a foster home with Pet Haven for about a week now and is starting to perk up.  Her foster believes she can only see about a foot in front of her face and she explores with her head very low to the ground.  When you see her very cute eyes which are very crossed, you'll be able to guess why her vision may be somewhat limited.  Missy has an appointment to have some other teeth removed that may be bothering her and that will happen next week.  She loves to stretch out on her side and be talked to and have her tummy stroked.  Soon, we hope, you'll see her bio up on the website and she'll be ready for adoption.  

When Missy finds a home, we'll be able to add another cat in need of rescue to our foster home system.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two of the black kids!

Kirk and Kelly are pleased to show you their new collars.  They aren't sure they like to be fashion models but it makes it easier for all of us to see their cute faces and personalities - and they do make great toys.  

Both kittens get along with another kitten or cat and Katie, their mom, wouldn't mind being adopted with one of them too.  She enjoys playing with another cat also.  

Monday, July 14, 2008

Buster and his racing stripe

Buster went to the vet this morning.  He passed his felv/fiv test and received his 2nd prc vaccination.  He'll be going to be neutered on Tues. and then will be up for adoption.  He already has a name but the techs at the clinic thought he looked like he had a cute little racing stripe up his nose and that maybe  his name should be 'Herbie'!  

Buster's surgery went well and he is back in his foster home recooperating.  He and Charlotte are very good friends and would enjoy going to a new home together.  

He's just one of the many kittens and cats looking for homes through Pet Haven.  Every kitten and cat we find homes for allows us to take in another one from impound, another shelter or the streets.  

Like many other groups, Pet Haven is supporting more spay and neuter surgeries but until we all become convinced of how vitally important that is, there will be more and more cute kittens and adult cats who are euthanized every day here and all over the U.S. because there are not enough homes for them all.  We cannot adopt our way out of the overpopulation crisis - spay and neuter is the only answer.  

Help us - raise money for spay and neuter.  Check out  for a fun and easy way to do this or donate to your favorite rescue group and ask that the money be focused on helping families who cannot afford it to spay and neuter their own pets.  Not ready to adopt? Can't adopt because of where you live or allergies in the family?  You can help anyway. Help us to help the dogs and cats who so desperately need to have spay and neuter surgery.  And, help us find homes for the cats and kittens waiting now.   Buster is a very lucky fellow - he came in from the hot summer weather.  We need to make that happen for more cats and kittens.  


Charlotte is Camille's last kitten.  She's ready for adoption and it seems strange that she hasn't been snatched up!  She's very cute, likes attention and plays well with another kitten.  Perhaps you know of someone looking for a darling little girl to share a forever home?  


Ms Camille has a new name in her present foster home, Hazelnut, which fits her beautiful brown tabby coloring.  She's starting to feel better and has lots more energy.  She comes for attention, sidling and rubbing on everything as she walks towards you and she stretches way up on her tippy toes as she gets under your hand for more and more pats.  Hazelnut loves to play with a small puff ball that belong to the child in her foster home and she comes to snuggle in bed.  She's adjusted to the other cats and they to her but her foster mom feels she'd do well as an only cat too.  She startles when you move through the house quickly and will duck away but comes back out shortly to see what's happening.  We think she lived mainly outside so house noises and people moving around are relatively new to her.  Pet Haven asked a lot of her when we added two extra kittens to her litter of 4.  She's probably had litter after litter her whole life and those two tykes who really needed her caused another drain on her system.  She's slim but gaining weight and feeling better and better - a home of her own would make her recovery complete.  

Katie - lookin' cute

Katie is a sleek and beautiful girl and is happy to have become a cat again, and not just a 'mom'.  It's fun to play and run and get extra attention when you don't have to share it with all the babies. Katie does like her babies though - or other younger kittens and would be a good addition to a home with another younger kitten or gentle cat.  She just a little thing - easy to hug and love.  

Monday, July 7, 2008


Kelly is another of Katie's kittens.  She likes attention and swirls around your feet for pats too.  She hasn't started getting up on laps yet but it is a skill she is likely to develop in a week or two.  Kelly loves to play also -  


Kirk will come for some lap time also and loves to be pet and play, play, play.  Playing with all the toys in the house is an important task to be accomplished each day.  Kirk was wearing the jester collar for awhile but decided he would rather play with it.  

Kiki - player extraordinaire -

Kiki is a little starlet and loves to entertain you with all of her cute ways.  

Katie is a sleek and black smaller girl and her kittens show promise of having her lovely, smooth and silky coat.  

Katie's kittens - growing up, personalities develop!

Katie's kittens are starting to show their real personalities!    Kiki has on a pink/purple collar and Kyle has the white one on.  Bet you wonder why the collars?  Have you ever tried to tell 4 black kittens apart as they go tumbling through the house?  It isn't easy!  

Kiki is very outgoing, she is in a foster home with a young rat terrier and plays with the dog, allows her to drag her around in a cat bed and comes for some lap time.  

Kyle is right at your feet for some pats and attention and both love top lay with string toys.  Sting toys should always be kept 'up' and closed in a cupboard or drawer when you are not supervising.  Some kittens and cats will chew on and eat string toys and that can lead to serious stomach and intestine problems as well as surgery.