Saturday, November 26, 2011

What are you looking for?

Feline companions come in all looks, personalities and interaction levels. Have you been thinking about adding a cat or kitten to your home?

Would you like someone like Pippi?

Young, playful, able to entertain herself well, gets along with another cat or dog -

Pippi adores having you talk to her. She'll roll around on her cat tree even when you're still across the room! Touch her and she melts into a puddle of love!

She loves to flirt with you!

Or maybe you need someone like Hector?

Playful, chatty (someone to tell you all about your day and respond when you tell him about yours), who loves to be picked up and carried around, who will greet you and your guests at the door -

A handsome, medium sized, sleek black fellow - he loves to watch out the window and has no desire to go outside.

Or maybe someone like Amber?

Young, playful, full of games, a definite lap girl - she loves when you watch a movie or work on the computer, hurry, hurry, here comes Amber to snuggle in for a pat or two!

Amber is a large cat for a female - and she needs to have her food measured out for her a.m. and p.m. so she doesn't eat too much and lose her girlish figure!

Attracted to large cats?
Noah is a big boy - he loves to play and is very inquisitive. He also comes for some loving - He's been with another cat that he got along well with - they wrestled and romped through the house together. But, if you don't have a cat that is willing to tell him 'no' he can pick on another one. Noah definitely enjoys a dog and one who would play with him would be a real hit!

Or, a long haired beauty who lives to be in your lap?

Candy is the girl! She does fine with children and a dog - one that would play with her would be a plus. Candy also keeps a careful eye out - did you get your coffee? your book? are you going to go sit and read or watch tv? She'll be right there with you - on your lap as soon as you can make one!

Those cute crossed eyes are just icing on the cake. And as another plus, Candy does not get up on the kitchen counters.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moms looking for a home!

We have several mom cats who are still looking for their forever homes. They've all raised their last litter of rug rats and are oh, so happy to be a regular young cat again!

Candy (Candance) was living life in the rough - in an alley. She had 2 babies and they have been adopted. Candy is definitely a lap cat and she gets along well with a dog and would enjoy having one that would play with her.

Her hair coat is still not the prettiest - it's hard to keep your nutrition up when you have to fend for yourself! As she sheds her coat over the next 6 months, her new hair will be less 'greasy' looking.

This brown tabby torti has the cutest crossed eyes and she is definitely a winner in the personality department.

Anja is a little bit of a thing - pregnant or soon-to-be and being dumped outside to survive on her own, she was lucky to get to an impound the day before she had her babies. Anja was taken from impound when her babies were just a few days old. She had probably not been a very successful hunter and it was a struggle to keep her eating enough as she raised her kids to weaning.

She's just a young girl herself and has regained her energy and sprints through the house after her toys. She's fine with another cat and has a small dog in the foster home. Anja gives love bites when she's been petted too long so we'd like to find her an adult home that will read her signals of when enough is enough of all that good loving.

Olive did not have kittens when she came to Pet Haven but she, too, has had more than one litter. She's a laid back and affectionate girl - great for a small home or apartment since she isn't a wild and crazy girl very often. She loves to keep you company though and her fosters find her a very nice lady. Olive is frightened at our adoption events but her personality shines through in the foster home.

Olive didn't have any fat on her when she came to Pet Haven and was spayed but she's happy to say she's put on a pound or two! (And that's enough!) Her foot pads were rough and thickened from living outside all last winter - finding what she could to eat and getting a snack or two occasionally from a neighbor in the townhouse area she had been left in.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Full House Adoption

This Sunday, 11/20, from 1-3 p.m. we will have an adoption at the PetCo in Richfield.

We'll have lots of cats and kittens there! Playful, silly, laid back, longer hair, short hair, good as only cats, cats who love other cats, cats who love dogs but are not so fond of other cats -

Candy -

Mamma Bear/Lacey


Lizzie and Maci

George Washington



and more - Stop by to visit, to adopt, to say hello.

You'll notice a number of the cats pictured are brown tabbies - we do have other colors too! Tortis, black, black/white, orange and white, buff!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You gave - Thank You!

Pet Haven and all the other non-profits benefited once again from your generosity. Thank you so much!

Chuck and Don's in Highland has a new Pet Haven cat in residence! Stop by and visit her.

Jasmine is a very pretty girl, she is front paw declawed and has lived with another cat and children. She was turned into a shelter when a family member became allergic. Jazzy is just entering middle age but considers herself to be an outgoing and vibrant lady who will bring much joy, laughter and companionship to her new home! Jazzy is interested in toys and amuses herself well, she'll settle in and wait for you to come home at the end of the day and be ready to greet you and chat about your day and hers.

Bert and Mazzy are another mature pair, one adopted through Pet Haven, the other from another group. The owner hopes to keep them together. Each is 4 paw declawed, both are dedicated lap cats and they are wonderful companions. They are on a diet to drop a few pounds. Bert is a big boy but needs to drop a little weight, Mazzy says she will join him in the effort.

Both are short haired, Bert is gray and Mazzy is a black tuxedo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Give to the Max Day

We are all reminded on this 'set aside' day to Give to the Max!

Your contributions, to whichever non profits you support will truly make a difference. How much can you give?

I think on that website that you have to donate $10.00 - but really, any amount is a plus.

For Pet Haven it means helping those who cannot afford the surgeries a way to spay and neuter their loved pets so they can keep them and not continue to add to the overpopulation problem.

It means going the extra mile in the veterinarian care we provide for all of our fostered and adoptable animals. Some of them come in needing so much more that simply vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery.

For other groups your donations help feed a family, help with a bus token, with a rent deposit, with car repair.

We are truly fortunate to live in MN where there are so many people who wish to help and care for others less fortunate.

Thank you! Click here to make your contribution!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Senior cat? Kitten?

You're ready for a new cat - have you thought about what you'd like?

Preference in sex? length of hair? personality?

What is your daily schedule like? Busy, off to work early, home after 6, in need of a calmer and companionable cat?

Perhaps you love activity, lots of interaction, antics that make us laugh till we cry but will drive others to wish their cat or kitten would just grow-up!

Jasmine came from another shelter to Pet Haven. She was turned in because her owner was suddenly allergic to her.

Jazzy didn't like the shelter - too many cats, too much confusion, not enough time for her.

She's settled in to a foster home nicely and gets along with one of the owner's cats.

She would undoubtedly do fine as an only cat. Jasmine loves to wander around the house looking for a toy or two to bat around, for a sunny spot to snooze in, for a lap to snuggle in.

She's very social. She's lived with another cat and children.

Jazzy will be 9 yrs. old - most cats live to be 14-20 yrs. of age. She's just barely middle-aged!
She is a beautiful smoke, tabby calico with very soft fur and is front paw declawed - She won't care if you work long hours although she'll be very happy to see you come home. She'll stick by you to hear about your day - and perhaps to tell you about the birds and chipmunks that came to the feeder.

She's just one of many, waiting for a home with just the right person. She doesn't realize that some folks look down on her because she is 'old' and wouldn't consider a middle aged cat.

Now - let's talk kittens!

Hans -

Playful, crazy antics,

awake in the middle of the night for a good romp across the bed,

in need of active playtime with you before you go to work,

when you come home and

before bed.

Oh, and, yes, there will be things to pick up when you come home that you didn't realize were toys.



Yes, they are adorable and fun and perhaps that is the activity level you most enjoy - then by all means, look for a kitten! They're looking for homes too!


This petite torti mom has had her last litter of kittens - 5 in number. She's gotten a smooth and sleek coat and has regained her energy. She looks no larger than a kitten herself and is probably only 18 months old.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beating the odds

There is always a cat or dog that you foster who tugs at your heart more than others do.

Does it remind you of one you had growing up?

Does it have an amazing personality?

Does it beat the odds?

Smokey came to Pet Haven as a kitten of about 12 weeks of age, having been hit by a vehicle and left for dead. He was rescued and his initial ER and clinic care was sponsored by a benefactor. Pet Haven agreed to take him to see if he could be rehabilitated.

He couldn't stand very well, he couldn't swallow unless soft food was placed back at the base of his tongue - he was quite a mess with an ulcer on an eye and some additional damage to his jaw. He was hand fed every couple hours, saw the opthamologist and had his eye lid sewn almost closed so we could medicate and thus his eye was saved - he gradually could blink again after many months. When his adult canines should have been in we found that one wasn't, and an incisor was missing too so it was off to a vet who loves dentistry. Teeth were found and removed from his nasal cavity during surgery, no easy task.

Smokey was a star at 2 of our Fall Benefit events as he waited for the right home and was in the style show and then this last year he was adopted with another Pet Haven kitten who was a great match for him. He loved other cats but not one that would intimidate him - Rosie was the girl.

These two kids beat the odds - abandoned, lost, unclaimed, adopted once and returned as too active (Rosie) and then to find the right owner together -

And, so, Smokey came to the Fall Benefit once again - to show off and so we could once again enjoy the story of another cat or dog who beat the odds and found the home they deserve.

Smokey says a grateful good-bye to cheering on the Vikings and plans to enjoy instead - trips to the cabin, naps on the bed, games of chase with Rosie, lap time with mom and dad. Retirement is great!

Thank you to everyone who has helped - you've donated, you've held a garage sale, you've made fliers, you've walked dogs, you loved and cared for those who are sometimes the hardest to love and care for - you are the ones who have made a difference in the life of a cat or dog.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

2 Adoptions

Sat. Nov. 5, 11-1 p.m.

Sun. Nov. 6, 1-3 p.m.

Different cats both days!

PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Kittens from 12 weeks, cats up to 6 yrs. of age - lap cats, playful cats, sunny window cats, busy cats, laid back cats - fun for all!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011






Brothers and sisters who love attention - snuggling with you, getting a tummy rub and some lap time and then they are off to a game of romp and chase with a sib or another cat. They are fostered with 2 medium sized dogs and get along fine with them too.

Everyone has some white - at least on the tummy and paws. Brown tabbies with a pink nose or a brick colored nose - males, females - playful, busy kids, ready for a forever home!