Saturday, November 26, 2011

What are you looking for?

Feline companions come in all looks, personalities and interaction levels. Have you been thinking about adding a cat or kitten to your home?

Would you like someone like Pippi?

Young, playful, able to entertain herself well, gets along with another cat or dog -

Pippi adores having you talk to her. She'll roll around on her cat tree even when you're still across the room! Touch her and she melts into a puddle of love!

She loves to flirt with you!

Or maybe you need someone like Hector?

Playful, chatty (someone to tell you all about your day and respond when you tell him about yours), who loves to be picked up and carried around, who will greet you and your guests at the door -

A handsome, medium sized, sleek black fellow - he loves to watch out the window and has no desire to go outside.

Or maybe someone like Amber?

Young, playful, full of games, a definite lap girl - she loves when you watch a movie or work on the computer, hurry, hurry, here comes Amber to snuggle in for a pat or two!

Amber is a large cat for a female - and she needs to have her food measured out for her a.m. and p.m. so she doesn't eat too much and lose her girlish figure!

Attracted to large cats?
Noah is a big boy - he loves to play and is very inquisitive. He also comes for some loving - He's been with another cat that he got along well with - they wrestled and romped through the house together. But, if you don't have a cat that is willing to tell him 'no' he can pick on another one. Noah definitely enjoys a dog and one who would play with him would be a real hit!

Or, a long haired beauty who lives to be in your lap?

Candy is the girl! She does fine with children and a dog - one that would play with her would be a plus. Candy also keeps a careful eye out - did you get your coffee? your book? are you going to go sit and read or watch tv? She'll be right there with you - on your lap as soon as you can make one!

Those cute crossed eyes are just icing on the cake. And as another plus, Candy does not get up on the kitchen counters.

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