Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A happy tail

Coco, formerly Teasle, lived in a cage at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for a long time. Who would want an 'older' girl? Would she ever be adopted and have a home again?

She came to live with a Pet Haven foster and did successfully find a new home. She had lived with ear mites her whole life. Her ears are slightly tipped forward due to the hematomas that hardened and narrowed her ear canals as she shook her head and scratched at them over the many years. Through prescribed medications and the persistence of her foster those little devils have gone away. She needed dental work and that was done.

Here are some of the things her new mom has had to say about her:

"I never feel lonely with Coco around, she provides plenty of entertainment and companionship. She is very good at making just enough room for her to fit between me and the edge of the bed at night or for her to lay almost on top of the computer when it is on my lap. She can be very talkative and loves to play with stuffed mice. I tied one to the back of a chair so it dangles at her eye level and she loves to bat it around. Coco is my furry alarm clock; I never have to worry about sleeping in too late, she lets me know when it is time to wake up and feed her. All in all, Coco is a delight and I am so happy to have her in my life."

Coco's new mom was looking for a cat who would be content with her long work hours and this upper middle-aged girl has been an excellent fit.

Riley will be ready for posting and adoptable soon, we hope. He is a 9 yr old male. When he came to Pet Haven he had all of his teeth removed and he is now gaining weight since all that infection is gone. His former owner lost their home due to foreclosure. He is a very outgoing boy, loves to be with you - and is a 'pest' in the kitchen!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thank you!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and, if you love shopping, that you are out with friends or family catching lots of great deals!

When you're looking for just the right gift - remember your humane societies and rescue groups who help other pets, just like yours, who still need a home.

Sometimes it seems their is no 'right' gift to give to someone. Do they remember fondly a cat, dog or bunny they grew up with? A gift to honor that special Socks or Penny may be just the right touch.

Make a card - glue on or attach a picture of a pet that looks just like theirs did - and a note telling them how thankful you are that they are in your life AND that you are so glad they shared their love of animals with you.

Pedro - Mr. Photogenic - has a Thanksgiving message too. He hopes his mom, Penelope, and all the other cats find their own forever homes soon. He loved the smells of turkey roasting and pumpkin pie baking - it would have been nice to have some but he knows he's warm and loved. Food isn't all it is about - it's family.

Sometimes the family is a pet and a person - sometimes it is a pet and a number of people - but all it takes is two to make a family.

Thank you for adopting a rescued pet - thank you for supporting a rescue group and humane society - thank you for supporting spay and neuter so we can bring overpopulation under control and reach our goal of finding a home for every pet born.

Thank you!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love to hear Happy Tails!

Ms. Margie was adopted in 2002. She is a cute brown tabby torti and was a little shy, didn't want another cat in her life, and was cautious about meeting new people and being picked up and held.

Margie came to sleep with her new owner fairly quickly - gluing herself to her side so it is hard to even turn over. A couple years ago Margie decided she was so happy to see Sharon when she came home from work that she had to get in her lap! And now she even allows herself to be picked up and placed on her chest for awhile.

Margie was incredibly lucky - she found someone who saw that she had love to give and who gave her time to feel comfort and trust and to become brave enough to take the relationship to another level! Lucky Margie - lucky Sharon!

Chumley was another shy fellow when he came to us last winter. He was chosen for adoption by a young couple a few months ago. He adapted very quickly - and has converted his new dad to being a Chum lover. Dad isn't quite willing to admit that he loves all cats - but talkative, playful, affectionate Chum is certainly a winner.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adoption Sunday, 11/21, 1-3 p.m.

Hope to see you Sunday! We'll be at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Check out our pix and bios here. We've added some new kittens to the line up of adoptable cats and kittens. You can go to the website and fill out an adoption application from home and submit it if you would like.

Rocky and Monde, brother and sister, will be coming.

Ross, a shy kitten, a tuxedo - his picture isn't up yet. He's doing well in his foster home but we want him to meet some new people.

Tanner, Lil Lady and Linus are all in the same foster home. Lil Lady and Linus are especially good buddies if you would like an already introduced pair but they all get along with another cat or kitten too.

Our adoption fees range from $130 - $150. That includes testing for feline leukemia and fiv (the cat or kitten tested negative), they are up to date on vaccinations but may not have completed them depending on their age, have been spayed or neutered, microchipped, treated for fleas/earmites as needed and de wormed. It's a bargain!

Our usual adult cats will be there too although a number have been adopted recently.

Helen is at Chuck and Don's in Highland. Stop by and visit her. She'd love a quieter home with an adult or two to get to know. She's such a cute girl!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We had a grand time at the Fall Benefit last Sat. evening despite a very snowy and slippery start to the day. Volunteers and guests were entertained by the style show animals, good food and a chance to support a worthy cause.

Check out Pet Haven's first calendar, available at Twice the Gift. Share cards and items are for sale to support Pet Haven and other non-profits. A wonderful gift for that person who is so hard to buy for while you support a 501.3c you and the person believe in.

Give to the Max day was a success too! Generous contributors raised $3,090 for Pet Haven - that will go a long way in paying for vet care and spay and neuter in outreach efforts! Thank you!

Beneficiaries of your generosity include:

Wendy, Smokey, Riley (a new boy who had to have all his teeth pulled), Jackson and Mario (two canines recently returned to Pet Haven) - and all of those unnamed (to us) owned animals who are no longer having kittens or puppies because their owner wasn't able to spay and neuter their pet!

Needs come in all shapes and sizes and for all sorts of reasons.

These kittens did acquire names but when they came to us after being orphaned and feeling that no one would ever care for them again, they were referred to as Piggies for their less than attractive eating style! Baths anyone?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nov. 16 - Tuesday!

Give to the Max day is upon us!

Please join Pet Haven and help support the dogs and cats we rescue and re-home.

Help us fund more spays and neuters of owned animals - help us keep them in their homes with the family who loves them but is stretched thin by the economy and wishes to keep their pet and cannot afford spay and neuter surgery.

Spay and neuter surgery is the only way we will resolve the overpopulation of cats and dogs.

Tilly had 8 kittens and found a home before any of them did! All were spayed and neutered before being adopted.

Every cute puppy and kitten that is born moves another adult cat out of the line-up for adoption.

There are not enough homes. Help us to stem the tide. Many groups are working on this problem and we all need to continue to work together but can only do it with your help.

Pet Haven is taking in more cats and dogs who originally placed through Pet Haven 8 or more years ago. They are middle aged to seniors and they need more vet care; dental work, sometimes special diets, surgery for tumors, etc. We want to stand by our animals, whether they came from Pet Haven originally or we have taken them from an owner or shelter where they were surrendered due to foreclosure or death.

We need your support to do this! Big problems can be resolved when many come together to work on them. No gift is too small.

Click here and you will be directed to Pet Haven at Give to the Max.

Thank you - we can't do it without you!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Benefit 2010 - Thank you to all for making it a huge success!!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone for making Pet Haven's Fourth Annual Fall Benefit another huge success!!! We woke up yesterday morning to snow, and more snow ... a winter storm and power outages ... even that couldn't stop Pet Haven's dedicated and determined volunteers from making their way to the hotel early Saturday morning to get set up for the big event after spending an entire day on Friday also getting ready!! Even their spirit wasn't dampened with the snow ... one volunteer even said, "Heck!! If no one shows up we'll just have a big karaoke party for Pet Haven volunteers!!!" Well .. no karaoke party for us :) As 6 pm approached last night  Pet Haven supporters came walking into the hotel with big smiles on their faces, ready for a great night of fun and festivities and the highlight of a dog and cat fashion show presented by Lulu & Luigi!  We had a full house!!!
Thanks so much to all the Pet Haven volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the past months preparing for the Fall Benefit. And Thank you to Pet Haven supporters who braved the winter storm to come out and support homeless dogs and cats. And thank you to our sponsors (Chuck & Dons, Pampered Pooch Playground, Downtown Dogs, Photographers Guild, Canine Coach, Lake Harriet Veterinary and Neiman Marcus), our celebrities, the girl scouts (who came to help us out last night), Tim Simplot (for DJing), Sarah Beth Photography for taking photos in the back of our celebrities and the animals as they prepared for the fashion show (we'll share those photos once we have those available!) and for everyone who donated to our silent auction. We will have a lot more photos and info to share on the Fall Benefit ... but we simply couldn't let a day pass without extending our heartfelt gratitude for all of your support.

Some of us are frightened at adoption events

Penelope is a good example of that kind of cat. She's outgoing and gregarious, playful and loving in her foster home but at an adoption she is scared silly and pants and quivers. That's not good for her or those of us who watch and care for her.

Sadly, most cats are adopted because they are 'seen' physically but we hope someone will be interested in this pretty girl and visit her in her foster home.

Pen is young - probably 18 months to 3 yrs. She is a medium haired black and white girl. Here is what her foster has to say about her:

Ms Nellie is very playful, also vocal and when she wants something she will let you know. She likes attention-likes to be petted and scratched, but is not really a lap cat. Really fun, really friendly. Someone made a big mistake letting her get away, she is a great pet! She is nervous at adoptions and would prefer to meet potentional adopters in her foster home where you can see her real personality.

She had some cute-as-cute-can-be kittens who are all adopted, now it is her turn. No more living in alleys for this young lady!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Drive carefully - we're all Minnesotans, it just takes some extra time and caution!

Ty is set to strut his stuff, along with handsome Tug (see the previous post) - he's going to see that his foster drives carefully and will be ready to wow you with his costume.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Benefit, Nov.13, 2010

This is Pet Haven's main fundraiser for the year. We have every type of committee and volunteers working on this for much of the year.

It is an evening with folks who love companion animals and their welfare as much as you do - a time for fun and laughter, a few heart wrenching stories and maybe a tear.

Comedy - who couldn't enjoy a style show with dogs and cats in it?

A chance to connect with old friends and make new ones.

Respect as you learn about the lengths our volunteers and their supporters - YOU - go to to see that we can make life different for one animal at a time.

A chance to hear about the success of our Spay Neuter Initiative Grant programs. You'll be amazed!

You'll learn about our outreach efforts to educate on companion animal care, inform about puppy/kitten mill legislation, supply drives that are held by others excited about Pet Haven.

Silent Auction - bring your checkbook and bid on some wonderful items!

Fund the Need is a special part of the program and you will learn what efforts we go to to help one of our pets become and stay healthy. This year you will meet Wendy, now called Saga, and Jackson and hear about a few others.

For the first time this year we have a Pet Haven calendar. This is debut night for it and you'll have a chance to purchase one for a friend or yourself.

We're excited and we hope you are too!

Do you have your ticket? Now is the time!

Click here to order on line. We're looking forward to seeing all of you there this Saturday evening.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A great weekend

Two adoption events - 7 cats found new homes!

We'll be able to shuffle some cats and kittens to other foster homes to share the wealth. When you have 5 kittens that are 7 or 8 weeks old they aren't very big and take lots of naps. If you have 3 or 4 of them when they are 4-5 months old or older - my, how they've grown! They know how to jump, they dash up and down stairs - they have a ball.

It's nice to be able to move one or two to another foster home so they can enjoy that energy too and it helps the kittens meet new people and situations, making their transition to a forever home more predictable.

We'll also be able to take in a few from the streets, shelters or impounds.

Addie found a home with a woman, they're her favorite, and we hope they will enjoy each other for many years to come.

Zeus and Pixie went off to different homes.

Wizard was adopted at his first event. With his striking gold eyes and winning ways it is easy to see why!

(Si)Rocco and Chickadee went off together - two girls who like other cats really well so they have a bonus - a new home and a new cat friend to meet too.

Here's Rocco playing hide and seek -

Chickadee is the 6th or 7th of Tilly's litter of 8 to be adopted. We think her brother Eclipse was last week but the foster was headed out of town for a few days so we haven't had confirmation of that yet.

Ringo has been fostered by his 'finder' who took him in while Pet Haven provided support. He was adopted by a family member.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Two adoptions

Sat. Nov. 6 from 11-1p.m.

Sunday Nov. 7 from 1-3 p.m.

Both at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Who will you see?


Wizard, a handsome new tuxedo

Pixie and Zeus - our youngest kittens





and others

Check out pictures and bios at Pet Haven Cats.

Ty is spending some time at the Highland Chuck and Don's, go over and visit him too! He's a medium - big boy, black and shiny - unless he just rolled in the litterbox and got all dusty!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adopt a Senior Cat

Teasle - recently adopted

10 Reasons Senior Pets Rule:
  1. When senior pets are adopted, they seem to understand that they've been rescued, and are all the more thankful for it.
  2. A senior pet's personality has already developed, so you'll know if he or she is a good fit for your family.
  1. You can teach an old dog (or cat or other pet) new tricks (I do every day with my own cats!): Senior pets have the attention span and impulse control that makes them easier to train than their youthful counterparts.
  2. A senior pet may very well already know basic commands anyway!
  3. In particular, senior pets are often already housetrained, or can be more easily housetrained than a young pet with a tiny bladder.
  4. A senior pet won't grow any larger, so you'll know exactly how much pet you're getting.
  5. Senior pets are often content to just relax in your company, unlike younger pets, who may get into mischief because they're bored.
  6. Speaking of relaxing, senior pets make great napping buddies.
  7. Senior pets know that chew toys (not shoes) are for chewing and scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching.
  8. Senior pets are some of the hardest to find homes for -- so when you adopt a senior pet, you're truly saving a life.

Missy - adopted last year.

Pet Haven, other limited admission shelters and humane societies have an unlimited source of 'older' cats and dogs looking for a home. Please consider giving these wonderful pets a chance to love you in their retirement years.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tilly - a job well done

Tilly is a very cute girl who came from Red Lake Rosies Rescue with 8 kittens. Tilly was an excellent and caring mom but 8 is enough to wear anyone out!

Tilly continued to feed and care for them for another couple of weeks after we took the kittens and then she was simply exhausted. The babies were eating dry and canned on their own and we gave her the break she deserved.

Tillie (the new spelling of her name out of respect for a dearly loved relative in her new family) was the first of the group to be adopted! It doesn't happen very often that mom gets a new home before the kittens and we were all happy to see her off and able to be a playful and busy girl on her own.

Tillie loves to greet the guests in her new home, she plays and comes for attention, rubbing against ankles and racing up and down the stairs when she goes to visit grandma and grandpa's house.

Here are pictures of some of her babies too - 5 of the 8 have been adopted.

Chickadee was the runt and took several months to recover but is now a similar size to the other girls.

Eclipse was the biggest one, a boy, from early on. They are about 6 months of age now.