Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Benefit, Nov.13, 2010

This is Pet Haven's main fundraiser for the year. We have every type of committee and volunteers working on this for much of the year.

It is an evening with folks who love companion animals and their welfare as much as you do - a time for fun and laughter, a few heart wrenching stories and maybe a tear.

Comedy - who couldn't enjoy a style show with dogs and cats in it?

A chance to connect with old friends and make new ones.

Respect as you learn about the lengths our volunteers and their supporters - YOU - go to to see that we can make life different for one animal at a time.

A chance to hear about the success of our Spay Neuter Initiative Grant programs. You'll be amazed!

You'll learn about our outreach efforts to educate on companion animal care, inform about puppy/kitten mill legislation, supply drives that are held by others excited about Pet Haven.

Silent Auction - bring your checkbook and bid on some wonderful items!

Fund the Need is a special part of the program and you will learn what efforts we go to to help one of our pets become and stay healthy. This year you will meet Wendy, now called Saga, and Jackson and hear about a few others.

For the first time this year we have a Pet Haven calendar. This is debut night for it and you'll have a chance to purchase one for a friend or yourself.

We're excited and we hope you are too!

Do you have your ticket? Now is the time!

Click here to order on line. We're looking forward to seeing all of you there this Saturday evening.

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