Monday, November 22, 2010

Love to hear Happy Tails!

Ms. Margie was adopted in 2002. She is a cute brown tabby torti and was a little shy, didn't want another cat in her life, and was cautious about meeting new people and being picked up and held.

Margie came to sleep with her new owner fairly quickly - gluing herself to her side so it is hard to even turn over. A couple years ago Margie decided she was so happy to see Sharon when she came home from work that she had to get in her lap! And now she even allows herself to be picked up and placed on her chest for awhile.

Margie was incredibly lucky - she found someone who saw that she had love to give and who gave her time to feel comfort and trust and to become brave enough to take the relationship to another level! Lucky Margie - lucky Sharon!

Chumley was another shy fellow when he came to us last winter. He was chosen for adoption by a young couple a few months ago. He adapted very quickly - and has converted his new dad to being a Chum lover. Dad isn't quite willing to admit that he loves all cats - but talkative, playful, affectionate Chum is certainly a winner.

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