Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A happy tail

Coco, formerly Teasle, lived in a cage at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for a long time. Who would want an 'older' girl? Would she ever be adopted and have a home again?

She came to live with a Pet Haven foster and did successfully find a new home. She had lived with ear mites her whole life. Her ears are slightly tipped forward due to the hematomas that hardened and narrowed her ear canals as she shook her head and scratched at them over the many years. Through prescribed medications and the persistence of her foster those little devils have gone away. She needed dental work and that was done.

Here are some of the things her new mom has had to say about her:

"I never feel lonely with Coco around, she provides plenty of entertainment and companionship. She is very good at making just enough room for her to fit between me and the edge of the bed at night or for her to lay almost on top of the computer when it is on my lap. She can be very talkative and loves to play with stuffed mice. I tied one to the back of a chair so it dangles at her eye level and she loves to bat it around. Coco is my furry alarm clock; I never have to worry about sleeping in too late, she lets me know when it is time to wake up and feed her. All in all, Coco is a delight and I am so happy to have her in my life."

Coco's new mom was looking for a cat who would be content with her long work hours and this upper middle-aged girl has been an excellent fit.

Riley will be ready for posting and adoptable soon, we hope. He is a 9 yr old male. When he came to Pet Haven he had all of his teeth removed and he is now gaining weight since all that infection is gone. His former owner lost their home due to foreclosure. He is a very outgoing boy, loves to be with you - and is a 'pest' in the kitchen!

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