Friday, February 27, 2009

Black and white -

Panda is a cute girl.  

She loves her toys - feathers, do you have feathers at your house?  Panda requests lots of toys with feathers - you'll need to replace the feathers!

She loves her laps - do you have a lap that needs something warm in it?  Panda will watch whatever you want to watch on tv or snooze with you when you take a nap on the couch.  

She loves her catnip - do you have a steady supply?  Maybe you could grow some in the yard and dry it for over the winter?  Fresh, dry - it's the best.  

She loves her food - and, yes, you will need to measure how much she gets.  Canned food is a special love and she waits by her dish thinking you will n-e-v-e-r remember.  But, you will, of course.  

She loves her wood scratching post - no couch or chair scratching as long as she has her wood post.  

She loves her paws clean and everything tidy in the litterbox - a tall sided, probably covered litterbox is ideal.  She likes to scrub and scrub at the sides to make sure everything is covered and there is no litter on her feet.  

She'd love a home of her own - do you or someone you know need a charming girl like Panda? 


Noddy came to us after being locked into a garage when the owner moved out of the apartment building.  

Food?  No.  

Shelter?  An unheated garage in below zero weather.  No box or blankets to help her keep warm.  

Water?  No.  

A neighbor discovered what had happened and tried to get the management company to come open the garage and they agreed to do it in another 2 weeks when they would routinely check the property.  By this time the neighbor believed she had already been in the garage for 2 weeks. They put as much canned and dry food thru a small opening in a screen as they could get in and finally took matters into their own hands and got her out.  

She was weak and dehydrated, fed small amounts of canned food with extra water added every two hours and given a warm, cozy spot to rest in.  She would get up to use the litterbox but mainly stayed in her bed.  When Pet Haven took her, she was still weak and not eating well but is ready to be spayed this next week.  

She a cute and social girl, we think she would be ok with another cat but have not introduced her because we want her to be as stress free as possible as she continues to recover.  She likes to be pet and arches her back to meet your hand.  

Noddy hopes to find a forever home soon - where she will be loved and cared for and never abandoned again.  It will be exciting to see her personality and playfulness revealed over the next few months and years.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Black Cat & dog Month

How can we make a difference in this world? 

One sure fire way to make a difference is to adopt a black cat or dog during the Black Cat & Dog Month which is almost over (February). 

Why is adopting a black cat or dog so important?

A large majority of the cats and dogs that never leave the shelters and homes across the country, are black. Judged by the color of their fur, and not by their character or personality. These beautiful black creatures spend the end of their lives watching all the other animals being accepted into new homes and ultimately never get chosen. Until they are finally chosen for the one thing they do not want; euthanizia. This is a travesty.

I have personally met and lived with many black cats and dogs, and have loved each one. Until I started helping out with Pet Haven, I had no idea there was such thing as the 'Black Dog and Cat Syndrome'.

What is the Black Dog and Cat Syndrome?

Black Dog and Cat Syndrome is the name they call the phenomenon of black cats and dogs being overlooked and unwanted. Everyone one of us needs to step up and take action to counteract this terrible syndrome. Black cats and dogs are every bit as amazing as all other colors. If you have love to give and a home to share, open your arms to a loving new black cat or dog to your family, before it is too late. Not too late for you.....but too late for them. 

I want to also stress that even if you do not have a home, or cannot afford a new pet; please call a friend, co-worker or a family member. Tell them about 'Black Dog and Cat Syndrome' and ask them if they could use a new friend. Let's adopt these amazing creatures and give them a life full of love.

If you have a chance, please check out the available cats for adoption. Pay special consideration to the black kitties. If 'dog' is more your fancy, gander at the available dogs up for adoption, and again... make an effort to click on the black dogs first.

Here are just two of many great cats available for adoption:

the one-eared moose
pizzazz (poppy)


This big fellow came to us recently after being hit by a car.  He had a compound fracture in one rear leg and the leg was amputated after he received iv fluids, antibiotics and pain meds for 2 days to help him withstand surgery.  He was neutered at the same time.  

Les has been fed by a woman in the south metro for over a year but she has always let him go his way when he wanted to go back outside.  The vet estimates he is 4 yrs. old.  

Life has not been kind - he's battle scarred and carries many wounds and scabs.  He needs to have teeth cleaned and some extracted.   

Following surgery he has had a few good days, enjoying being scratched, eating and purring.  

This week he is under new stress and the clinic is trying to detect what else might be wrong. He is more painful and depressed, uninterested in eating today. 

We struggle to make life better for the cats and dogs who come our way. Most times we are successful and we hope that Les will be able to recover and go on to live a pampered life - one of safety and love.   

Not ready to relax?

If Teddy seems too quiet a boy for you - how about A.J.?  

This fellow has busy written all over him.  He may be part dog.  He loves people.  He wants to go wherever you go in the house and he'll drag along a toy in case you have a moment to stop and play with him!   He's good with the elementary age child in the foster home too.  He'd do ok with another cat or a busy or quiet dog.  

If you call his name he comes - what will we do now?  

I'm ready to play?  

Are you???  

Do you need someone to pet?  

Here I am!  

He is able to go snuggle into a soft bed and take a nap in the sun when you need to do things that don't involve him.  

A.J. and Teddy have personalities that are nothing alike and each looks for a home that will provide lots of activity for one and some quieter, more relaxed playtimes for the other.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

Someone to relax with -

Teddy wonders how you're doing?  

Do you need someone to talk to when you get home?   

Someone who will listen and sympathize or rejoice?  

Someone who needs a partner to play with occasionally?  

Teddy is a mellow-fellow.  He likes to be around you but isn't going to insist on playing or petting on his own schedule.  When you're ready, he's ready - 

He's gentle.  

He's playful.  

He's a great companion, always willing to be there for you.  

Perhaps you or someone you know needs a handsome fellow with a cute-as-a-button, pink nose to share a home with?  

Teddy admits he does have one fault - he loves green house plants!  So - no houseplants or the frustrated gardener inside Teddy will come out to prune!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watch the Meow Off online!

You can now watch Pet Haven's Meow Off event online. Watch the Meow Off live streaming via computer on the website. The show is Got Animals? and is available via logging onto, then click on channel 12 live streaming. Currently showing Wednesdays at 1:30 P.M. I'd log on a minute or so before hand 'cuz their programming is not set by the satellites. You can test out the live stream right now.

The Meow Off is a fund raising and adoption event for Pet Haven's cats. Not only will you get to see incredibly talented cats meowing, dressed up, strutting their stuff on the cat-walk, but also will get to hear the winners of multiple contests as voted on by a panel of judges. The best part of the event is that many of the feline contestants are available for adoption. Simply scroll down this blog for other posts of great available cats for adoption.

By browsing the lmcc site you can find a schedule and should find the Meow Off playing a few times per week, everyone feel free to call 952-471-7125 and ask about other times it may be playing. This week only shows Wednesday, but it's a holiday schedule so who knows.

Here is just a short 15 second teaser of the Meow Off event:

This post is dedicated to Silver, featured in the above video (displaying a phenomenal meow), who recently passed away. Silver was one of my favorite cats at the Meow Off, and will be greatly missed.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

Pazazz, or Poppy as she is known in her foster home, got all dressed up for the big day and had fun there.  

Poppy doesn't like our adoption events very well - she finds them quite frightening and lays down flat and pretends she's not there.  

She's a different girl at home - relaxed, playful and loving!  You might want to see her in her foster home.  She's still looking for just the right forever home. 

The B girls

These two little girls are cute gray tabbies and they are both polydactyls.  

Betty has the shorter hair and her foster calls her Betty Boop.  She pushes for attention, tries to play with the dog - in fact, she will tease her by touching her face or foot until she finally gets out of her bed and then Betty hops right in, turns around and snuggles in!  Dogs!  What cat can't outsmart one?

Brenda is the looker.  She has medium length hair and a big fluffy tail she carries as a flag.  She is slower to warm up to a new person but is coming for more snuggle time now.  Both girls love to snuggle in bed.  

Betty and Brenda have 'pillow' foot.  Their feet will occasionally become sore and have thinner skin in spots and places on the pad looks as if they had skinned it in a fall on a rough surface.  A trip to the vet ended up with a diagnosis and treatment with a long acting injection of cortisone and a course of antibiotics.  Within two weeks they were back up and playing.  This will probably happen occasionally in their lives but shouldn't be a major problem.  One of the fosters has a cat who has the same problem and he is 10 yrs. old now.  He has had occasional thin skinned spots but has never had treatment until just recently. 

Friday, February 13, 2009


If you aren't taken  by one of our black cats, perhaps a white and black fellow will fit the bill. Chance wants to live with a dog or two or three.  

He came to us by way of a clinic that had been feeding him.  He was very shy at first but loves to be talked to, flops over on his side for stroking and attention and is quite the character.  He has a rather deep voice and likes to chat as he moves around the house.  

As far as dogs go - they are the best!  Rub against them, push your face all over the dog's face, stretch out and sleep right up against one and, of course, follow them around the house too.  

Chance is mainly white with lots of black spotting throughout his coat and he has a large white tip on his tail. He's not very fond of other cats but his love for dogs is way off the charts. He has a funny build - he's low and long and a bit sway-backed - and quite a good sized fellow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adoptions, 2/14 Valentine's Day and 2/15

Pet Haven cats will have an adoption on Valentine's Day from 11-1 p.m at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S. 

We will also have an adoption on Sun. 2/15 from 1-3 p.m in the same location.  

There will be 8-10 cats there each day and different cats each day.  Come and check out some of the cuddly or independent, crazy or laid back, fun loving fur kids!

Koko, Helen, Serena, Zena, Kelly, Parker, Teddy and Moose are among the ones expected on Saturday. 

Gerry, Chance, Blake, Brooklyn, Nick, Betty, Brenda, Alex and Amanda are among the ones expected on Sunday.  

Don't forget:  we're celebrating black cats and dogs this month, hoping that you and others will feel drawn to these wonderful pets.  They have unique characters just as any other cat or dog does - it just may be harder to see their faces until you really zone in for a close up.  

Gerry - 

Sadie loves tummy rubs - 

                                                                       Moose - 

Monday, February 9, 2009


Sadie was one of 6 cats that came back to  Pet Haven in 2008 for financial reasons.  The other 5 have found homes and Sadie is still looking.  

It's always a bit of a mystery why one cat is chosen over another and we'll like to mention her wonderful qualities! 

She's black!  
      Her hair won't show as much when you're dressed up, ready to go out for a night on the                          town.

She's cute!
       Pretty hard to resist those big eyes and winning ways.  

She's sociable!
        Sadie loves to hang out with you and solicits attention. 

She's ready for rubbing and scratching most anytime!
          It feels so good now that all that hair and those matts aren't in the way. 

She'll keep the dogs in line!
       Sadie's foster home has 2 dogs who are not allowed on the carpet unless invited - she'll stand and talk to them to let them know she is the fortunate one and they have to stay off!

Sadie is a medium hair black female and will be 9 yrs. this year.  She is loving, affectionate, adaptable and a charmer.  

She'd be a wonderful companion for a recently retired person, 

to keep a house-bound family member who lives with you company or 

just fit in almost anywhere you could ask.  She is front paw declawed.

Many people want to know how long cats live?  The average is probably 14 - 18 years.  Sadie expects to be around for many years of loving!

A good adoption

Kiki, a dsh, black female, almost a year old was adopted by a family on Sat.!  We think they'll love this outgoing, friendly, affectionate girl a lot and she will love all the family activity!

Nick is in having some dental work done but will go to a new home later this week also.  He's a big lug of a guy who loves to be pet and stroked and is a great companion.  

Mimi and Snow also went off to homes of their own - each with another cat in their lives.  

Handsome Bartholomew was adopted by his foster family.  He has lost weight of late and has been diagnosed with kidney disease.  We hope he'll have lots of good time with his family until that sad day comes - so far he's doing well.  Quite a change from being matted to the skin and left in the dog run at a clinic last summer.  Thank you, Sue and Marty.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adoption Sat. 2/7, 11-1 p.m.

Pet Haven cats will have an adoption this Sat.  Looking for a feline friend or know someone who is?  We'll be there - hope you will be too.  

Some of the cats coming:











Check them out on the website:

Happy Diners at the Oat Grass Buffet

If your cat has a craving for some greens  during the long winter months all you need are a pot, soil and water and some oat grass seed.  Well - you might need a small birdcage or another spot you can start the seed in so it has a chance to get growing!  The foster of Moose sent this picture the other day.  

She purchased a used, small birdcage at a garage sale and uses it to protect the grass as it starts to grow and so it can grow some more after a snacking session. 

Pictured from the top are Greta, Big Red, Amber and Moose.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big, black and handsome - not to mention a winner!

Moose is a favorite in his foster home.  He gets along well with another cat and is a great lap and foot warmer.  He's gentle, talks to you off and on and loves to play.  With the frigid weather we have been having it is good to know that he also makes a wonderful lap and foot warmer.  No need to coax him, he'll just hop right up.

Before Moose came to us he was at another shelter.  He had had an injury to his ear flap when they got him and they had the remainder of the flap removed.  Moose says that no one is 'perfect' but he thinks he is very 'purr-fect' so consider this loving boy for your family or a friend who might be looking.  

Photos courtesy of