Monday, February 9, 2009


Sadie was one of 6 cats that came back to  Pet Haven in 2008 for financial reasons.  The other 5 have found homes and Sadie is still looking.  

It's always a bit of a mystery why one cat is chosen over another and we'll like to mention her wonderful qualities! 

She's black!  
      Her hair won't show as much when you're dressed up, ready to go out for a night on the                          town.

She's cute!
       Pretty hard to resist those big eyes and winning ways.  

She's sociable!
        Sadie loves to hang out with you and solicits attention. 

She's ready for rubbing and scratching most anytime!
          It feels so good now that all that hair and those matts aren't in the way. 

She'll keep the dogs in line!
       Sadie's foster home has 2 dogs who are not allowed on the carpet unless invited - she'll stand and talk to them to let them know she is the fortunate one and they have to stay off!

Sadie is a medium hair black female and will be 9 yrs. this year.  She is loving, affectionate, adaptable and a charmer.  

She'd be a wonderful companion for a recently retired person, 

to keep a house-bound family member who lives with you company or 

just fit in almost anywhere you could ask.  She is front paw declawed.

Many people want to know how long cats live?  The average is probably 14 - 18 years.  Sadie expects to be around for many years of loving!

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