Friday, February 27, 2009


Noddy came to us after being locked into a garage when the owner moved out of the apartment building.  

Food?  No.  

Shelter?  An unheated garage in below zero weather.  No box or blankets to help her keep warm.  

Water?  No.  

A neighbor discovered what had happened and tried to get the management company to come open the garage and they agreed to do it in another 2 weeks when they would routinely check the property.  By this time the neighbor believed she had already been in the garage for 2 weeks. They put as much canned and dry food thru a small opening in a screen as they could get in and finally took matters into their own hands and got her out.  

She was weak and dehydrated, fed small amounts of canned food with extra water added every two hours and given a warm, cozy spot to rest in.  She would get up to use the litterbox but mainly stayed in her bed.  When Pet Haven took her, she was still weak and not eating well but is ready to be spayed this next week.  

She a cute and social girl, we think she would be ok with another cat but have not introduced her because we want her to be as stress free as possible as she continues to recover.  She likes to be pet and arches her back to meet your hand.  

Noddy hopes to find a forever home soon - where she will be loved and cared for and never abandoned again.  It will be exciting to see her personality and playfulness revealed over the next few months and years.  

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Nicole Covey said...

Poor Noddy. She is beautiful, and I'm certain someone will give her the loving home she so badly deserves. How someone could abandon this sweet girl like that is beyond me.