Friday, February 13, 2009


If you aren't taken  by one of our black cats, perhaps a white and black fellow will fit the bill. Chance wants to live with a dog or two or three.  

He came to us by way of a clinic that had been feeding him.  He was very shy at first but loves to be talked to, flops over on his side for stroking and attention and is quite the character.  He has a rather deep voice and likes to chat as he moves around the house.  

As far as dogs go - they are the best!  Rub against them, push your face all over the dog's face, stretch out and sleep right up against one and, of course, follow them around the house too.  

Chance is mainly white with lots of black spotting throughout his coat and he has a large white tip on his tail. He's not very fond of other cats but his love for dogs is way off the charts. He has a funny build - he's low and long and a bit sway-backed - and quite a good sized fellow.

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