Monday, February 9, 2009

A good adoption

Kiki, a dsh, black female, almost a year old was adopted by a family on Sat.!  We think they'll love this outgoing, friendly, affectionate girl a lot and she will love all the family activity!

Nick is in having some dental work done but will go to a new home later this week also.  He's a big lug of a guy who loves to be pet and stroked and is a great companion.  

Mimi and Snow also went off to homes of their own - each with another cat in their lives.  

Handsome Bartholomew was adopted by his foster family.  He has lost weight of late and has been diagnosed with kidney disease.  We hope he'll have lots of good time with his family until that sad day comes - so far he's doing well.  Quite a change from being matted to the skin and left in the dog run at a clinic last summer.  Thank you, Sue and Marty.  

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