Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watch the Meow Off online!

You can now watch Pet Haven's Meow Off event online. Watch the Meow Off live streaming via computer on the LMCC-TV.org website. The show is Got Animals? and is available via logging onto lmcc-tv.org, then click on channel 12 live streaming. Currently showing Wednesdays at 1:30 P.M. I'd log on a minute or so before hand 'cuz their programming is not set by the satellites. You can test out the live stream right now.

The Meow Off is a fund raising and adoption event for Pet Haven's cats. Not only will you get to see incredibly talented cats meowing, dressed up, strutting their stuff on the cat-walk, but also will get to hear the winners of multiple contests as voted on by a panel of judges. The best part of the event is that many of the feline contestants are available for adoption. Simply scroll down this blog for other posts of great available cats for adoption.

By browsing the lmcc site you can find a schedule and should find the Meow Off playing a few times per week, everyone feel free to call 952-471-7125 and ask about other times it may be playing. This week only shows Wednesday, but it's a holiday schedule so who knows.

Here is just a short 15 second teaser of the Meow Off event:

This post is dedicated to Silver, featured in the above video (displaying a phenomenal meow), who recently passed away. Silver was one of my favorite cats at the Meow Off, and will be greatly missed.

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