Friday, February 20, 2009

Someone to relax with -

Teddy wonders how you're doing?  

Do you need someone to talk to when you get home?   

Someone who will listen and sympathize or rejoice?  

Someone who needs a partner to play with occasionally?  

Teddy is a mellow-fellow.  He likes to be around you but isn't going to insist on playing or petting on his own schedule.  When you're ready, he's ready - 

He's gentle.  

He's playful.  

He's a great companion, always willing to be there for you.  

Perhaps you or someone you know needs a handsome fellow with a cute-as-a-button, pink nose to share a home with?  

Teddy admits he does have one fault - he loves green house plants!  So - no houseplants or the frustrated gardener inside Teddy will come out to prune!

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