Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This big fellow came to us recently after being hit by a car.  He had a compound fracture in one rear leg and the leg was amputated after he received iv fluids, antibiotics and pain meds for 2 days to help him withstand surgery.  He was neutered at the same time.  

Les has been fed by a woman in the south metro for over a year but she has always let him go his way when he wanted to go back outside.  The vet estimates he is 4 yrs. old.  

Life has not been kind - he's battle scarred and carries many wounds and scabs.  He needs to have teeth cleaned and some extracted.   

Following surgery he has had a few good days, enjoying being scratched, eating and purring.  

This week he is under new stress and the clinic is trying to detect what else might be wrong. He is more painful and depressed, uninterested in eating today. 

We struggle to make life better for the cats and dogs who come our way. Most times we are successful and we hope that Les will be able to recover and go on to live a pampered life - one of safety and love.   

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williamhessian said...

ok. leslie is the cutest cat. what a trooper.

i love what pet haven does for these cats.