Friday, October 30, 2009

Pet Haven Fall Benefit - 8 days away!

Our Fall Benefit is just 8 days away! Be sure to purchase your tickets soon. The event will be on Saturday, November 7th at 6 PM at the Doubletree Hotel in St. Louis Park. You can purchase your tickets online on our website.
The evening will include dinner, silent auction and a pet fashion show, presented by Lulu & Luigi. Adoptable dogs and cats will be walking down the runway with local celebrities, including Pam Borton (head coach of the University of Minnesota's women basketball team), Lena Svenson of 101.3, Katie K9 of 107.1, M.A. Rosko of Fox9 Morning News and Donna Valentine of K102. The emcee for the night will be Staci Matthews of the Moon & Staci afternoon show on KS95.
As an all-volunteer foster-based animal rescue, all funds raised will go directly to supporting our adoption and spay/neuter programs.
We would like to thank our sponsors for their support of our third annual Fall Benefit.
Fund the Need Sponsor: Downtown Dogs Minneapolis
Silver Sponsor: Lake Harriet Veterinary
If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities or donate to our silent auction click here. For more information on the event visit our website

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nick's coming to Chuck and Don's at Highland

Handsome, single male seeks loving family for affection and play dates, dog/s welcome!




Loves a dog! Big dog? Little dog? Nick gets along with both and more than one.

Nick would love to have a family to call his own - one with people to play with, snuggling on your lap and playing lazily with a wand toy is a great way for you both to relax when you come home after work!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Ms. Wakota has found a new home and a new name! For a cute little minute of a girl the name Puck seems very appropriate - and she is also curious and full of mischief - even when she needs to have a snooze, tucked between your shoulder and neck.

The perfect name!


Perhaps you are having an invasion of ladybugs or Japanese beetles in your home this fall?

Ladybug wants you to know that she is great at catching bugs and is a lot more rewarding than having tiny bugs in your house!

Yesterday she was swatting at what her foster thought was a tiny bug, maybe a fruit fly. Well, it was a piece of fuzz that had caught onto one of her extra-long eyebrows and there it was, dangling in front of her face! She finally took care of that aggravation and it was pretty cute to watch.

She loves to be up high, jumping from cat scratcher post up into the high windows on the porch. She's great with another cat or kitten - she would love to be adopted with a kitten so they could have games of chase and share toys.

And, she likes to be pet. She's slowly learning to be a lap girl and thinks having her face rubbed is the best.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This little fellow has had a hard start in life.

He was found on a rural road with his dead sibling late the 2nd week in Oct. He spent several days back and forth between a vet clinic and ER clinic and then the weekend at the U vet hospital. His benefactors turned him over to Pet Haven and he has been in foster care since then.

He was hit by a vehicle in the head and has neurological damage. He's actually doing very well, considering.

He is walking now, when he shakes his head he no longer falls over every time. It was thought that his jaw might be broken but that it should just be allowed to heal and dental work performed at a later date for any issues that arose. It may not be broken, he chews on the syringe when he is being fed and as swelling has gone down, the upper and lower jaw appear to be properly placed.

He uses the litterbox in his cage now - in the beginning he was too unsteady and weak.

At first he had trouble swallowing and food had to be put in very small amounts at the back of his tongue. He gets some food by syringe but is eating canned kitten food too now which still must be finger fed to him as he does not have the ability to pick it up and get it into his mouth on his own.

His right eye was more seriously injured and he has an ulcer on it and he is unable to 'blink'. Yesterday he had the eye lids almost sewn shut by the opthamologist after a thorough exam. This will keep his eye moist, protect it and allow us to get needed medication in it to help heal the ulcer.

Smokey has a long ways to go in his recovery but he has made much greater progress than we might have expected. Baby steps take time and each day has brought a new recovered ability.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adoptions this weekend

We'll have two adoptions this weekend, both at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Saturday, 11/17 from 11-1 p.m.

Sunday, 11/18 from 1-3 p.m.

Who is coming?

Saturday will feature Riley and Oliver who is new to the line up, Nick, Kati, Sapphire and others.

Oliver has almost grown out his fur now.

Sunday will highlight Leslie, Gerry, Ladybug, the kittens (Linguinni, Hermie and Frieda) and others!

Frieda -

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The babies are growing-

Sirocco's kittens are growing. This picture was taken at about 2 and 1/2 weeks. The foster reports that they are already practicing their photograph taking skills - cats seem to be extraordinarily good at looking the other way when the camera comes out!

Highland Chuck and Don's cat schedule.

Jessica is visiting now, hoping for a new home soon. She's probably best in an adult home or with older children as she can become bitey if she is being a wild and crazy girl. Her foster and family simply stop handling her when she is like that but children under 9 yrs. might have trouble recognizing those times. She's very outgoing, loves to hang around you and is playful and busy. Jessica is a short haired brown tabby.

Ted will be stopping by soon too. He's a big lunk although his diet is working. He is a lover and really wants someone with a lap available and would be willing to help you concentrate at the computer too. If you worked from home even part time it would definitely make your day and his! Ted is solid gray and is front paw declawed.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos from 10/3/09 cat adoption event

It's getting cold and winter is arriving in Minnesota. Maybe you might want to consider adding a furry feline to your family? Or you know of someone who's thinking about it?? They would love to snuggle up with you on the couch -- maybe even keep your feet warm??

Well ..... if the time is right for you, we hope you'll consider opening up your home and your heart to a rescued cat. Pet Haven has many rescued cats up for adoption of different ages, sizes, temperaments, colors, personalities .... we would love to work with you to find you the perfect match!

Check out the video below for just some of our adoptable cats. If you have questions email

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hermie and Linguinni

These two boys are full of fun and games.

Each of them likes people attention too -

and toys!

Do you have lots of toys?

Hermie is orange and white, Linguini is black.

And sister, Frieda, joins the parade -

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Missy - not so quiet any longer!

Missy is still waiting. She hopes someone will fall in love with her for what may be a shorter lifetime to love her but she will make it well worth your while!

Missy came to us in 2008 and was judged to be 6-8 yrs. old. After a thyroid tumor occurred in 2009, which was removed successfully by surgery and no further treatment is needed, her age was moved up to 10-14 yrs. Now, Missy isn't telling - she's just loving life.

Her fosters say she has enjoyed having a window or two open so she can jump up and see what's happening outside and smell the fresh air. When a third window was opened one day that seemed to be too much of a good thing and she decided to take a nap.

Her foster dad was away from home most of one day recently. He got a verbal cat-lashing when he came home and then her kibble bowl was empty in the morning and mom heard about that too!

Ms Glory-us Diva Missy is enjoying life to the fullest - tummy rubs, people to talk to and sleep with, attention and love.

Missy has her two front teeth - but a forever home would make a wonderful Christmas or Hannukah gift.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too quiet at your house?

Are you looking for a busy girl to add some life to your home? Wakota loves to play - she loves to have someone play with her.

Who will do it?

she loves to play with another cat!

with a person!

by herself!

Wakota is just a little bit of a girl, about 18 months old.

Wakota was at one of the city impounds. She was very curious and outgoing while there and that has just continued.

She may be a busy bee but she is also quite the lover! Snuggling in between your shoulder and neck is just where she likes to take a nap.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pretzel and friends

Pretzel has come into her own and loves having a family that comes home to her. She's gained weight since coming to Pet Haven and has found new friends while she waits for her forever home.

She's playful, alert and a good snuggling buddy - with another cat, or dog or her mom and dad.

She works hard to lick the folds on the dogs face - as you can see, that would take some effort!

Ira has found a family who thinks his antics are quite funny. He's a busy boy and while it took him awhile to adjust to his foster's cats, he moved in with the resident cat in his new home fairly easily. They each chose a floor of the house to stay on for a while and soon found that they could live together!

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 Adoptions, 2 locations, 11-1 p.m. , Sat. Oct. 3

We will be at the Chuck and Don's in Bloomington AND at the

PetCo in Richfield. Both are on Lyndale Ave. , one North of 494 and one South of 494.

Teddy wants everyone to know that his diet is working! He's lost a pound already. Here he is, checking out the 'bee'.

Jessica will attend Chuck and Don's too as well as Cecilia, Helen, Serena and others.

At Richfield we will have Hermie and Linguini, Wakota, Mae, Leslie and a number of others.

Hermie is on the left, Frieda on the right.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Expanding horizons

Sadie and Silas grew up at a shelter. They were about 3-4 months old when they came in and lived there until Pet Haven took them recently.

Well cared for? Yes.

Exposed to the noises of a home? No.

Exposed to windows and outside activity (from safely in the shelter/house)? No

Silas and Sadie are very friendly kids - they're just over a year old. They love attention, petting, games, get along with another cat.

Most cats who go to the foster home they are in have loved the glass/screened front porch as their window on the world. Silas and Sadie were overwhelmed at all that freedom and noise. It did not make their day.

Now Sadie and Silas are in the bathroom. One window to look out of. Lots of people in and out during the day to give attention. A little at a time they will start venturing out and about on the main floor of the house with some rooms shut off - getting used to the dishwasher, cars honking, the doorbell ringing and windows to look out of.

Soon, we hope, their forever home will step forward and help these two to find people to love forever and a home they will explore and enjoy.