Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The babies are growing-

Sirocco's kittens are growing. This picture was taken at about 2 and 1/2 weeks. The foster reports that they are already practicing their photograph taking skills - cats seem to be extraordinarily good at looking the other way when the camera comes out!

Highland Chuck and Don's cat schedule.

Jessica is visiting now, hoping for a new home soon. She's probably best in an adult home or with older children as she can become bitey if she is being a wild and crazy girl. Her foster and family simply stop handling her when she is like that but children under 9 yrs. might have trouble recognizing those times. She's very outgoing, loves to hang around you and is playful and busy. Jessica is a short haired brown tabby.

Ted will be stopping by soon too. He's a big lunk although his diet is working. He is a lover and really wants someone with a lap available and would be willing to help you concentrate at the computer too. If you worked from home even part time it would definitely make your day and his! Ted is solid gray and is front paw declawed.

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