Thursday, October 1, 2009

Expanding horizons

Sadie and Silas grew up at a shelter. They were about 3-4 months old when they came in and lived there until Pet Haven took them recently.

Well cared for? Yes.

Exposed to the noises of a home? No.

Exposed to windows and outside activity (from safely in the shelter/house)? No

Silas and Sadie are very friendly kids - they're just over a year old. They love attention, petting, games, get along with another cat.

Most cats who go to the foster home they are in have loved the glass/screened front porch as their window on the world. Silas and Sadie were overwhelmed at all that freedom and noise. It did not make their day.

Now Sadie and Silas are in the bathroom. One window to look out of. Lots of people in and out during the day to give attention. A little at a time they will start venturing out and about on the main floor of the house with some rooms shut off - getting used to the dishwasher, cars honking, the doorbell ringing and windows to look out of.

Soon, we hope, their forever home will step forward and help these two to find people to love forever and a home they will explore and enjoy.

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