Friday, October 23, 2009


Perhaps you are having an invasion of ladybugs or Japanese beetles in your home this fall?

Ladybug wants you to know that she is great at catching bugs and is a lot more rewarding than having tiny bugs in your house!

Yesterday she was swatting at what her foster thought was a tiny bug, maybe a fruit fly. Well, it was a piece of fuzz that had caught onto one of her extra-long eyebrows and there it was, dangling in front of her face! She finally took care of that aggravation and it was pretty cute to watch.

She loves to be up high, jumping from cat scratcher post up into the high windows on the porch. She's great with another cat or kitten - she would love to be adopted with a kitten so they could have games of chase and share toys.

And, she likes to be pet. She's slowly learning to be a lap girl and thinks having her face rubbed is the best.

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