Friday, April 29, 2011

Adoption Sunday, May 1st, 1-3 p.m.

PetCo Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Who will be coming?

Mr. Darcy - laid back, lap boy

Lucy - busy, loves to play

Morrie - lap fellow, large, front declawed, white fur

Cheveyo - more laid back but playful too, loves affection, good with another cat or dog

Robbie - underfoot, very busy, lover, not for a home with fine collectibles on display!

Darion and Darcel - brothers, gray and white, underfoot, very playful but lap kids too, not the most graceful kittens (no fine collectibles on display!)

Oyate - handsome, medium haired flame point siamese cross - nice boy

Suki and Nova - sisters who love to play, enjoy attention, fine with another dog or cat

and others!! (17 cats or kittens)

Hope to see you there.

We have no baby kittens ready for adoption but we do have kittens 5 months to a year and we can tell you a lot about their play styles and personality - much more than that baby who has an unknown personality. Want a lap cat? Looking for a high energy kid/s? (We have several of those!)

Most of our cats are under the age of 4 yrs. We have two who are declawed and are middle aged: Blue (or Bloopers) and Morrie.

Need to know if the cat gets along with another cat or a dog? We can generally give you that information. Lap cat? Laid back cat? Underfoot? The foster home will be able to point out a cat with or without those attributes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spay Neuter Day at Westgate Clinic

Pet Haven in collaboration with  Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project held another feline Spay/Neuter Day event at the Westgate Pet Clinic on Sunday, April 17th hosted by the  veterinarians and staff from Westgate clinic, led by Teresa Hershey, DVM.   We had a great team of volunteers representing both PH (Barbarajean Brandt, Christy Thorson, Jamie Whiteside, Reade Adams, Carolmarie Steinegger) and MSNP (Melanie Hill, Carol Schmidt, Angela Scaletta).  In total, 33  cats [belonging to low-income community residents] were sterilized, received rabies and distemper vaccinations and microchips  beginning at 7:30 a.m. and ending around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Families were sent home with a three-day supply of pain medication and instructions to curtail any running, climbing, and jumping for the first couple of days to allow the surgical site to properly heal.  Westgate also donated additional medications for cats with upper respirator yinfections and ear mites. There were no complications but one cat with a slow clotting factor  was sent home with Vitamin K and is recovering well.

To date through the combined efforts of Pet Haven and MSNP,  over 5000 dogs and cats from low-income households have been spayed or neutered.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kittens and more

These 5 kittens were found outside a school with no mother. They were born in early March.

Kip -

Rudi -

Mogli -

Baloo -

Meeka -

They are too young to have started their vet work yet but have begun their de-wormings. At 9 weeks of age they will go in to be tested for feline leukemia and fiv and will get their first vaccinations (a series of 3, three to 4 weeks apart). Once the kittens are adopted from Pet Haven the owner will continue their required vaccinations.

Providing that stools are firm and they do not have colds, they will then be scheduled for spay/neuter surgery - they will weigh 2-3 pounds at that time. They will be microchipped.

Once they have recovered from surgery they will be posted at our website, which is linked to Petfinder. Check out our other cats and kittens available for adoption here.

Some people look for 'baby' kittens to adopt and others prefer to get kittens who are a little older and that we can tell something about their activity level and personalities. Still others appreciate an adult and then there are those rare few - who know what a wonderful pet a senior cat is!

Please, help by spaying and neutering.

Make a donation to a group that helps others spay and neuter if they cannot afford it.

Help a friend or relative spay or neuter their own cat or dog or rabbit.

There is only one solution to the over population problem: Spay and Neuter.

We will all rejoice when every cat or dog or other companion animal is wanted and will be looked after. Then there will be no need to euthanize because there are too many animals and not enough homes.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Robbie and Garth (aka Chad) are in the same foster home. They are not siblings but are a month or two apart in age and get along very well together. They are about 7-9 months old.

Robbie is the big boy and he will be a big cat! At under a year he already weighs 8# and his foster is proud of that fact that he is not pudgy either! No tummy fat on this fellow. He has big paws.

He's got medium length hair and a lot of it but doesn't mind being combed and brushed.

Garth is a finer boned fellow and has short hair. He's a brown tabby with white.

Robbie and Garth do not have to be adopted together but they are well matched playmates and would enjoy having another cat in the house to play with.

Games of chase and wrestle are favorites as well as all the cat toys they can pounce on and enjoy.

They are very helpful with chores around the house and changing the bed linens is one of the best. Catching those sheets that are coming off and then hiding and jumping as the clean ones settle on the bed is a good way to start off the day. They're also willing to make sure the clothes in the dryer are completely dry and will jump in to help you check it out.

Both are willing to have some lap time while you relax in front of the tv or are reading.

Interested in one or both of these boys? Fill out an adoption application and submit it and it will be forwarded to the foster home for a prompt reply. Check out all of our cats here.

Good boys - looking for forever homes that will provide love and laps as well as toys and time to play games.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Adeline update

Here's a story of another little girl who came in as a 'bottle baby' to another shelter and grew and grew and who found a wonderful home. Her personality is unique and she's a clever lady!

Read what her new owners say about her:

I just wanted to give you an update on Luna (formerly Sweet Adeline). She is such a wonderful kitty and has become very close with her new Dad. So much so that he has taught her to play fetch. It was a big day on Friday when for the first time she randomly brought a toy to us to throw for her. What a sweet girl. Next we hope to teach her to sit and roll over on command. I've attached a photo of her that I hope you will share with Pet Haven. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful kitty!

Her new name is Luna.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soft and snuggly

Mr. Darcy (Ash) is a snuggle bug. Come look and talk to him at the adoptions and he's quick to roll over so you can rub his tummy.

He has kind of a 'round' profile too - just a soft and squishable boy.

He's definitely a lap boy but plays well with Lucy (Kenzie) - they love to play games of chase and wrestle through the foster home. They both get along well with an adult cat also.

Do you think Lucy will grow into her ears? They really look big in this picture!

Out shopping this week?

Stop by Chuck and Don's in Highland (St. Paul) and meet Tex. He's a cute black and white fellow who also loves to play and snuggle and cuddle. You'll have to go and see him because we have no pictures of him!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Black and beautiful

Are you looking for kittens? We have 3 female kittens who are all unique and lots of fun - and almost completely black!

Nova and Sucki (SooKee) are sisters. They love to run and tumble and chase each other all over with a few naps thrown into the mix besides. Both come for people loving too - at almost 4 months of age they are an easy addition to your household and would love to go as a pair. They are fostered with another adult cat and a couple of dogs too.

Dory is another cute young lady, she is about 5 months old. Dory is one busy chick and will make herself at home on the bookcase, in bed with you and finds toys wherever she goes. She doesn't like to be picked up and held very well but loves to come and get on your lap. If she finds a lap, she's sure to join it within a few moments. Dory has teens in her foster home, a large dog and another cat.

All 3 of these kittens are going to be fairly petite when they grow up, 7-8 pounds probably. Just the right size for hugs and loving.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Adoption added: Sunday, April 10, 1-3 p.m

We'll be back at the PetCo in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Some of the cats and older kittens you will see are:







Nova and Suki



Hope to see you there also!

Baby kittens are lots of fun but can be a lot of work! Are you looking for a kitten that will be a lap cat or a rowdy playmate? One that likes other cats and gets along well with children? Consider adopting a kitten that is 4 months of age and older. By then the foster home knows much more about their personalities and can guide you to what you are seeking. Our adoptable kittens are in the 6-10 month old range right now.

At this time Pet Haven has no adoptable 'baby' kittens available. By the end of May most groups will have adoptable infants. Pet Haven's are rarely ready to be adopted until they are 11-13 weeks old by the time they have been in to see the vet (feline leukemia/fiv testing at 9 weeks, first vaccination), spay/neuter surgery, multiple dewormings and treatment for fleas/earmites, we also want to make sure that stools are firm and there is no upper respiratory infections lurking as far as we have observed. Babies are fragile, we want them to get off to a strong start in their adoptive homes.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Cheveyo is a new cat to Pet Haven, looking for a home.

He was found near a 'dump', trying to find food to keep himself going in a very cold winter when mousing isn't the best. His back legs had been scraped up - perhaps he was caught in a rabbit snare?

His ear tips and foot pads were frostbitten and he's lost the tips of his ears. Gradually his foot pads will heal and the frostbitten tissue slough away.

Despite all of this Cheby is a happy fellow, loving people, grateful to be inside and warm and thinks having another friendly cat and dog to play with really makes a life complete!