Monday, April 25, 2011

Kittens and more

These 5 kittens were found outside a school with no mother. They were born in early March.

Kip -

Rudi -

Mogli -

Baloo -

Meeka -

They are too young to have started their vet work yet but have begun their de-wormings. At 9 weeks of age they will go in to be tested for feline leukemia and fiv and will get their first vaccinations (a series of 3, three to 4 weeks apart). Once the kittens are adopted from Pet Haven the owner will continue their required vaccinations.

Providing that stools are firm and they do not have colds, they will then be scheduled for spay/neuter surgery - they will weigh 2-3 pounds at that time. They will be microchipped.

Once they have recovered from surgery they will be posted at our website, which is linked to Petfinder. Check out our other cats and kittens available for adoption here.

Some people look for 'baby' kittens to adopt and others prefer to get kittens who are a little older and that we can tell something about their activity level and personalities. Still others appreciate an adult and then there are those rare few - who know what a wonderful pet a senior cat is!

Please, help by spaying and neutering.

Make a donation to a group that helps others spay and neuter if they cannot afford it.

Help a friend or relative spay or neuter their own cat or dog or rabbit.

There is only one solution to the over population problem: Spay and Neuter.

We will all rejoice when every cat or dog or other companion animal is wanted and will be looked after. Then there will be no need to euthanize because there are too many animals and not enough homes.

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