Friday, April 29, 2011

Adoption Sunday, May 1st, 1-3 p.m.

PetCo Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Who will be coming?

Mr. Darcy - laid back, lap boy

Lucy - busy, loves to play

Morrie - lap fellow, large, front declawed, white fur

Cheveyo - more laid back but playful too, loves affection, good with another cat or dog

Robbie - underfoot, very busy, lover, not for a home with fine collectibles on display!

Darion and Darcel - brothers, gray and white, underfoot, very playful but lap kids too, not the most graceful kittens (no fine collectibles on display!)

Oyate - handsome, medium haired flame point siamese cross - nice boy

Suki and Nova - sisters who love to play, enjoy attention, fine with another dog or cat

and others!! (17 cats or kittens)

Hope to see you there.

We have no baby kittens ready for adoption but we do have kittens 5 months to a year and we can tell you a lot about their play styles and personality - much more than that baby who has an unknown personality. Want a lap cat? Looking for a high energy kid/s? (We have several of those!)

Most of our cats are under the age of 4 yrs. We have two who are declawed and are middle aged: Blue (or Bloopers) and Morrie.

Need to know if the cat gets along with another cat or a dog? We can generally give you that information. Lap cat? Laid back cat? Underfoot? The foster home will be able to point out a cat with or without those attributes.

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