Monday, April 18, 2011


Robbie and Garth (aka Chad) are in the same foster home. They are not siblings but are a month or two apart in age and get along very well together. They are about 7-9 months old.

Robbie is the big boy and he will be a big cat! At under a year he already weighs 8# and his foster is proud of that fact that he is not pudgy either! No tummy fat on this fellow. He has big paws.

He's got medium length hair and a lot of it but doesn't mind being combed and brushed.

Garth is a finer boned fellow and has short hair. He's a brown tabby with white.

Robbie and Garth do not have to be adopted together but they are well matched playmates and would enjoy having another cat in the house to play with.

Games of chase and wrestle are favorites as well as all the cat toys they can pounce on and enjoy.

They are very helpful with chores around the house and changing the bed linens is one of the best. Catching those sheets that are coming off and then hiding and jumping as the clean ones settle on the bed is a good way to start off the day. They're also willing to make sure the clothes in the dryer are completely dry and will jump in to help you check it out.

Both are willing to have some lap time while you relax in front of the tv or are reading.

Interested in one or both of these boys? Fill out an adoption application and submit it and it will be forwarded to the foster home for a prompt reply. Check out all of our cats here.

Good boys - looking for forever homes that will provide love and laps as well as toys and time to play games.

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