Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soft and snuggly

Mr. Darcy (Ash) is a snuggle bug. Come look and talk to him at the adoptions and he's quick to roll over so you can rub his tummy.

He has kind of a 'round' profile too - just a soft and squishable boy.

He's definitely a lap boy but plays well with Lucy (Kenzie) - they love to play games of chase and wrestle through the foster home. They both get along well with an adult cat also.

Do you think Lucy will grow into her ears? They really look big in this picture!

Out shopping this week?

Stop by Chuck and Don's in Highland (St. Paul) and meet Tex. He's a cute black and white fellow who also loves to play and snuggle and cuddle. You'll have to go and see him because we have no pictures of him!

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