Monday, April 11, 2011

Black and beautiful

Are you looking for kittens? We have 3 female kittens who are all unique and lots of fun - and almost completely black!

Nova and Sucki (SooKee) are sisters. They love to run and tumble and chase each other all over with a few naps thrown into the mix besides. Both come for people loving too - at almost 4 months of age they are an easy addition to your household and would love to go as a pair. They are fostered with another adult cat and a couple of dogs too.

Dory is another cute young lady, she is about 5 months old. Dory is one busy chick and will make herself at home on the bookcase, in bed with you and finds toys wherever she goes. She doesn't like to be picked up and held very well but loves to come and get on your lap. If she finds a lap, she's sure to join it within a few moments. Dory has teens in her foster home, a large dog and another cat.

All 3 of these kittens are going to be fairly petite when they grow up, 7-8 pounds probably. Just the right size for hugs and loving.

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