Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kittens at play

Cash loves his mommy, Camille.  

Toys are good - we run and jump and play until it is time for a snack and a little snooze.  Maybe mom will groom us a little too - that's always nice.  

Camille's babies

Charlotte and Chrissie are gray tabbys and could be twins so Charlotte wears a collar to help tell them apart.  Charlotte is waiting for Clint to wake up - he is the original party boy but has to have a nap occasionally!

Corrine and Cecilia are brown tabbys - can you tell them apart?  Corrine has the pink nose and Cecilia has the black nose.  They are the most affectionate of the 6 and like lots of cuddles.  

Update on Camille and babies from Red Lake Rosies

Camille, a very nice girl with beautiful green eyes, is helping her kittens turn into a charming group.  She is quite the kitten herself and plays well with her babies as well as being a wonderful mother.  Soon she will be able to forget motherhood and return to being a kitten.  
Tamari, now Bentley, and Ian, now Macintosh, found a home together.  Both boys are settling in well, Macintosh was the braver soul and started investigating shortly after arriving home.  Bentley sat under the dining room table as he looked around for awhile.  Now both boys are racing through the house together, sleeping on the bed for part of the night where Bentley likes to scootch under to the covers for a snuggle and then they move to a cat bed to sleep together.  Each one drapes himself over their owner's necks when they sit down to relax!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tsunami - another black cat

Tsunami came to Pet Haven in Feb. 2007.  She was a little girl, an older kitten, who had been seen on a mail carrier's route for months.  Tsu was hesitant to approach this friendly lady who left food and water for her and the other homeless or abandoned cats but one day it was just too cold to stay outside any longer, and Tsu decided to be friends.  A call was placed and she came to Pet Haven.

Tsumami went to the vet, she was spayed and had her shots and even though she is a beautiful black smoke, she waited and waited and waited some more before finding someone interested in a little black girl.  Tsu needed a home with adults since she can be a little moody and doesn't tolerate children well and one without other cats was also a necessity.  That didn't seem too difficult but it was May of 2008 before she found a home. 

Tsu's new name is Gigi, she has windows and windows and windows to check on squirrels and bunnies and birds.  She has soft blankets to knead and an owner who is patiently watching as her personality unfolds.  Toys?  Lots!  Some to brush her?  Of course!  Someone to talk to her? That too!  

Best of all, Gigi has a person who looked at her and saw the possibilities in a little black girl.  

Monday, May 26, 2008

Photos from black cat/dog adoption event

Dove and Tika were two of our black cats who joined our special black dog and cat adoption event on Saturday. Black cats are euthanized at high rates in shelters across the country (along with their black dog friends). Both Dove and Tika are such sharp looking kitties and can't seem to understand why they are always being overlooked. If you are interested in learning more about them email

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Black cat and dog adoption!

Sat., 5/24 from 10-noon, Chuck and Don's in Plymouth.  

Tika and Dove will be attending the adoption tomorrow.  If you are interested in a black cat or dog, please stop by and help us by spreading the word about the blog to all of your friends, co- workers and family members.  Black dogs and black cats have a higher euthanasia rate in shelters across the United States because there are so many of them and because people tend to overlook them and they are not chosen for a forever home.  Make a difference in the life of any rescued pet and especially in the life of a black one!  

Black makes you look thinner!
Black is beautiful!
Black is a shadow.  
Black, some white, and loved all over!

All done!

Kirk is having treats now - it isn't too bad a place.  Now everyone is done.  Feline leukemia/fiv tests are done and we were all negative.  We've had our first vaccinations.  In a few weeks it will be time to be spayed and neutered.  Even tho we are 8 weeks old, we are small.  Mom, Katie, isn't a very big girl and we're guessing dad(s) wasn't very large either.   There are 4 of us, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Kiki has the most white 'sprinkles' in her coat but we are all black short hairs.  A couple of us have a little white bikini too.  Watch for our bios to go up at  When you see us there, you'll know we are ready to be adopted.  Our foster home has 2 preschool age grandchildren who visit.  Kiki likes the children really well as does one of the boys.  The other two kittens are a little shyer around high children's voices and sudden movements.  They'll be happier with older children or in an adult home.  

Almost done

Kelly is looking, still waiting to get her first vaccination.  

At the vet office

Kirk is still watching and waiting.  Time to explore a little.  Kiki says it isn't so bad, I think they have treats here too!

A visit to the vet

Katie's kittens are old enough to visit the vet!   It's a scary place when you've never been there before - Kiki and Kelly are waiting in the carrier.  It smells different in here?  Do you think we should just go home?  Kyle (white collar) says the exam table is very cold and they have needles on the table too!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dove is ready to find a new home.  She's been spayed and is feeling fine and dandy.  She's a very playful girl with lots of energy.  She loves to talk to you in a little voice as she accompanies you around the house.  She'll be a nice lap girl too and enjoys children - she's got it all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photographers Guild promotion

We have joined forces with the Photographers Guild in St. Paul to raise money for homeless animals!

Throughout the months of May and June, for a $35 donation (checks or cash only please) to Pet Haven you will receive a free portrait sitting session with you and your family (pets included of course!) and a free 8x10 portrait. Now how could you pass up on that?? Not only will you feel good about donating to help homeless animals -- but your pooch and/or kitty will get to show just how good-looking they are! (yeah, yeah... they know you know that, but they want something in print and mounted on your wall for everyone to see!).

Call Photographers Guild for an appointment: 651.646.3239.

Photos by Photographers Guild

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another shot of Camille's kittens.

Do you see the feet? 

Red Lake kittens

We were able to bring a mom cat down to take care of the 6 kittens who came to Pet Haven after a spay/neuter clinic at Rosie's Rescue.  The two smallest kittens are much happier now that they have a mom around and all are thriving.  They do not have names yet but they will probably begin with a 'C'.  We think that Ms. Camille is probably the mother of the 4 older kittens.  

Katie's kittens are lots of fun - and work!

Katie's kittens are playing and busy.  They're learning to investigate the world around them and to eat by themselves.  That's a BIG job!  The kitten's foster mom helps them eat - she puts canned kitten food in their mouths and insists they eat real food, not just suck on mom.  Mom says she is getting tired of being mom and wants them to do more on their own.  

Friday, May 9, 2008

Margaret is growing.

Margaret is growing.  She is almost 8 weeks old.  She will go the vet next week and be tested for feline leukemia and fiv and get her first vaccinations.  She will be spayed - she's right at 2#.  Margaret is a busy kitten; she's tearing up and down stairs now, plays with the older kitten and cat in the foster home, loves her toys and posturing.  She regularly dances at a toy or you sideways with her back arched and she still loves to 'spit' at you!  A girl with lots of spunk and personality - and plenty of purrs when you pick her up and hold her.  

Thursday, May 8, 2008

RLRR kittens

Here are pictures of a few more of the kittens who came - they are a little bit older than the first two babies.  

I'm cute too - look at me and my blue blanket.  

Latest kitten arrivals

These two kittens were among the 6 who arrived from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue in early May.  It's very sad and hard when you are taken from mom too early.  You aren't smart enough to know how to fill your tummy and fosters spend  many hours a day making sure enough water and canned food get swallowed to help keep little ones alive until you mature some more.  It's also sad when mom isn't there to love you any more.  Fosters love us and pet us and hold us and we feel their love but how we miss our mommy.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here are pictures of several of Dove's kittens.  She has 6 in all, 3 boys and 3 girls.  Some have medium length hair and some have short hair.  They are either gray or black or dilute tortis.  

Mom and kittens found in a box on the side of a rural road.

Dove and her kittens were found in a box by the side of a gravel road.  Luckily a couple of young women were curious about the box and stopped to check it out.  Dove is a petite little girl and raising kittens can be a challenge.  They are being weaned now and she will soon be spayed.  

Tika is fascinated by the squirrels and birds.

You can see Tika intently watching for the squirrel to come around the corner of the house.