Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tsunami - another black cat

Tsunami came to Pet Haven in Feb. 2007.  She was a little girl, an older kitten, who had been seen on a mail carrier's route for months.  Tsu was hesitant to approach this friendly lady who left food and water for her and the other homeless or abandoned cats but one day it was just too cold to stay outside any longer, and Tsu decided to be friends.  A call was placed and she came to Pet Haven.

Tsumami went to the vet, she was spayed and had her shots and even though she is a beautiful black smoke, she waited and waited and waited some more before finding someone interested in a little black girl.  Tsu needed a home with adults since she can be a little moody and doesn't tolerate children well and one without other cats was also a necessity.  That didn't seem too difficult but it was May of 2008 before she found a home. 

Tsu's new name is Gigi, she has windows and windows and windows to check on squirrels and bunnies and birds.  She has soft blankets to knead and an owner who is patiently watching as her personality unfolds.  Toys?  Lots!  Some to brush her?  Of course!  Someone to talk to her? That too!  

Best of all, Gigi has a person who looked at her and saw the possibilities in a little black girl.  

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