Monday, May 2, 2011

Babies - everywhere

Recently a mom and babies were rescued by Pet Haven volunteers from a shed due to be torn down in St Paul.

Mom has been named Anna, she's a cute torti, not a very big girl.

The kittens were born about April 17, 2011. They still had umbilical cords attached when found.

The volunteers made a nest for the babies in a cat carrier and put them inside it. The carrier was placed so the door opened towards the broken door of the storage shed. Then the volunteers checked it several times a day. Once mom was found inside with the babies it was easy to reach in and push (and hold) the door shut with a piece of wood kept nearby.

The carrier door was then clicked shut and picked up and transported to another fosterhome who could get mom tested for feline leukemia and fiv. She passed her test and was negative.

When the kittens are about 9 weeks old each of them will be tested also. Deworming will start at about 3 weeks and continue for several more rounds. Mom didn't have ear mites so no need to treat for that. Shots will be started and they will all get on the spay/neuter schedule and soon afterwards be ready for adoption.

The babies are as follows:

Carly - F, orange tabby

Sam - F, brown tabby

Gibby - F, tortie

Spencer - M, white or probably he is a siamese x and will have color points.

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Nancy said...

Congratulations on this fantastic guys are the BEST!