Friday, May 13, 2011

More great photos, adoption Sunday, 1-3.

Come see us Sun. May 15 and find a wonderful companion.

PetCo Richfield
66th and Lyndale Ave. S.
1-3 p.m.

Here are some more of our newly snapped photos!

Blue is a lynx point siamese x, she has very light blue eyes now that she is nearing middle age. She loves to be an only cat and is a great companion and lap girl. She likes to play but especially loves the people in her life.

Garth (Chad) loves to play. He especially likes to have another busy cat buddy to chase with and curl up and snooze with but seeks you out to have some lap time and sleeps under the covers with you too! He's a brown tabby with white and has a pink nose pad.

Kenzie (Lucy) also enjoys having another cat to play with. She is a brown tabby with white and has a brick colored nose pad. She's a busy young lady with lots of games up her sleeve to keep you amused. She likes some snuggle time too!

Out and about? Stop by the Chuck and Don's in Highland and visit with


This handsome fellow is just a year old. He really enjoys another cat buddy to play with but requests someone with the energy to play games and romp. He has a girl foster in his home who thinks he is too rowdy!

Carl talks!

Carl snoozes with you!

Carl snoozes with a cat buddy!

Carl is a great find!

Pet Haven has no baby kittens ready for adoption at this time but many older kittens and adults. Some people love babies but we have no idea what their personality and play level will be like when they grow up. Check out an older kitten or adult for a personality we can tell you all about!

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