Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They keep coming

The influx of cats keeps happening - it is overwhelming.

Pet Haven has a voicemail system and every day we receive calls for help to place cats or dogs, as well as questions, inquires about fostering or other types of volunteering, places for low income spay and neuter, and, of course, about adopting!

Just this spring we've taken in these cats who had been abandoned.


In a neighborhood just like yours. (Residential, rental, townhome.)

It is hard for us to reach out to other over crowded shelters to help alleviate their overpopulation problems when we continue to be faced with these kinds of requests.

Olive who survived all winter on her own - outside,

Anna and her 4 babies,

Sylvie, left behind in a rental property,

Two more coming in from an alley where they have been trying to survive on their own,

Tuesday - bright and perky, no bigger than a kitten herself who had already had one litter and was found to be pregnant when spayed,

And, of course, the orphans (5) and bottle babies (4) that were abandoned by their mother.

Noah who has been returned when his family hit hard times and they were evicted.

As a foster based group with no shelter to house cats in, it can be difficult and impossible to respond as we would like.

It is hard to keep up and we refer to other limited admission shelters and the humane society - we all partner together to do the best we can. We continue to rely on you to help -


support us in our work by helping that stray in your neighborhood,

donate of your time and funds,

spread the word about adopting!

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