Monday, May 9, 2011

Great photos!

Thanks to a couple of Pet Haven volunteers we have some new (with more to come) great photos of our cats!

Just a sampling -

Morrie - handsome, laid-back fellow


Who has a pink nose? Who has a gray nose? Darcel has the gray nose, Darion the pink one!

Both boys are tons of fun, they snooze together, rumble through the house together and both love people attention and lap time. They are ever present helpers - checking out anything and everything and scurrying to help you on your way through the house and with chores. Even though they are not 'baby' kittens, the fosters continue to do the 'kitten shuffle' where you don't pick your feet up very high as you walk along - lest you have poor kitten tootsies being stepped on.

Garth (Chad) - a brown tabby with lots of white and a pink nose pad -

Kenzie (Lucy) who also is a brown tabby and white but with a brick colored nose pad.

Both of these older kittens do very well with another cat and love to chase and play with another one. They are not in the same foster home.

More pictures coming soon.

Out and about? Stop by Chuck and Don's in Highland and visit charming, loving Mr. Darcy.

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