Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adoption Sunday, May 15, 1-3 p.m.

An early announcement of our next adoption and some more of those excellent pix that 2 Pet Haven volunteers took.

Ms. Blue's eyes aren't as blue as they were when she was younger but she has lots of charm to go with her looks. Blue loves to have you all to herself, she really doesn't want to share time or space with another cat. She is a lynx point siamese x and is front paw declawed. A sweetheart who is middle aged, not a looney kitten, and a great and loving companion!

Two brown tabby with white kids:

Garth is quite the handsome fellow and has a pink nose pad. He loves to play and would like to have another cat to play games of romp and chase with. He doesn't mind the small dog in the foster home at all. He has a cute freckle beside one side of his nose.

Kenzie (Lucy) is a busy lady too, she has a brick colored nose pad and is active and curious and comes for some attention. She'd love to have another cat playmate also.

A new comer at Chuck and Don's in Highland!


an active and playful fellow who likes another cat buddy to snuggle with and who chatters to you some of the time. Sometimes his games are rowdy and the female kitten in the foster home thinks he would prefer an active 'brother' to play with!

He enjoys people too and comes for attention and should be fine with children.

(Mr. Darcy, aka Ash, was adopted quickly after a very brief stay at the same store. His charm and loving ways won over his mom, who works part time from home, and he has joined another cat so he will have a buddy there too!) He's going to have a dog in his life now too - folks to love him and cat buddies. Life is good!

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